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Devin Wenig, eBay President and CEO, tweeted over the weekend that there would be new tools coming for eBay sellers in today’s seller release and he has delivered. Terapeak, one of the best ever eBay research tools was acquired by eBay back in December 2017 and eBay promised in October 2018 that the tools would be included in Seller Hub. Today with other eBay Shop Tools updates, it’s been announced that Terapeak is coming for free to eBay shop subscribers.

There is also new cross border assistance and a new pricing display for eBay Shop owners.


Terapeak has always been the best eBay marketplace research tool because they were the only business to licence data directly from eBay – they had the secret sauce behind what was listed and sold on eBay without having to scrape the site and without any data missing. Now Terapeak is owned by eBay thy still have the data but, at least for those subscribing to an eBay shop, it will be totally free to use and integrated directly onto the eBay platform.

You’ll be able to use Terapeak within the next couple of months and it comes with reports that are easy to understand. They give you an overview of which products and categories are popular, successful strategies for attracting buyers and potential areas to improve. Simply search by keyword or product and use the filters to get the information you want.

It’s not often eBay give something away for free but there’s no nickel and diming here, no increase in shop subscriptions, it’s a new addition to the existing eBay Shop Tools, it’s a great too and if you don’t already use Terapeak then give it a go as soon as it’s available.

You can learn more about Terapeak here.

European Sales Booster for Featured and Anchor Shops

The European Sales Booster is a tool powered by Webinterpret and designed to help you grow your business internationally. It automatically selects high-performing eBay listings, translates them and lists them on global eBay sites, giving you maximum reach across eBay’s international network of 179 million active buyers.

The European Sales Booster is now available for all UK business sellers with a Featured or Anchor Shop. eBay have reviewed the zero insertion fee allowance with a couple of changes:

  • In the free version of European Sales Booster, the allowance will be increased from 500 to 2000 listings per site for Featured Shops, and from 750 to 4000 listings per site for Anchor Shops.
  • If you need to list more than your allowance, you can subscribe to a paid version of the programme. The limit for the paid version has been reduced from 30,000 to 20,000 listings per site.

If you have a Featured or Anchor Shop subscription, and want to use the feature you can activate the programme here.

Comparative Pricing for Featured and Anchor Shops

Comparative Pricing is probably better known colloquially as Strike Through Pricing and has largely been reserved for eBay’s biggest high street retailers in the past. Now it’s coming in June to Featured and Anchor shop owners.

eBay Strike Through Pricing for Featured and Anchor eBay Shops Tools

Similar to Sale Event and Markdown, using comparative pricing information gives your buyer information to help them clearly see the value of the price reduction in search results and on your listing page. eBay also recommend that you include your listings with comparative pricing in a sale event to give them as much visibility as possible.

Please be aware of the comparative pricing policy as you are responsible for complying with trading regulations related to comparative pricing information, for example holding evidence that a number of items were sold at the previous selling price for a minimum period. eBay may request information on this at any time.

You will only be able to access this feature through the eBay API. That doesn’t mean you need to code your own software, most of the third party multichannel management tools already support Strike Through pricing so speak to your supplier to see if they’ll have it available from June.


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New eBay Advertising Dashboard & Data-Driven Recommendations

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New eBay Rate this item and Auto Feedback

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