MPs reject all Brexit options including revoking article 50

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Once again MPs have been unable to find even a small majority in favour of any alternatives to the Brexit deal on the table, which they’ve also rejected twice and a third time for the withdrawal agreement on it’s own without the Political Declaration. Last night MPs voted against all four of the Brexit options tabled.

What this means is that there is still no clear path as to how Brexit will proceed or indeed be cancelled. Interestingly, out of all four options voted for by MPs last night, the biggest defeat was for revoking article 50 in the face of no-deal Brexit. MPs can’t decide on any Brexit options but they appear to utterly reject the notion of cancelling Brexit (defeated by a majority of 101 with 191 votes for, 292 against).

The other defeated options saw a closer vote: Customs union – 273 votes for, 276 against; Common Market 2.0 – 261 votes for, 282 against; and Confirmatory referendum – 280 votes for, 292 against.

For businesses this is the worst possible situation and we’re back to last month when the 29th of March was the official Brexit date. Now, with no clear vote in favour by Parliament, the default route forward is a no deal Brexit on the 12th of April. If the deal agreed with the EU has been passed then the default EU leaving date would have been the 22nd of May.

Business are in a stranglehold unable to plan for the future, unable to invest and for marketplace sellers not even knowing the simplest of things like if they will need to start attaching customs forms for items shipped to the 27 remaining EU countries.

Once again, the fate of Brexit is largely in the hands of the EU. With the House of Commons unable to agree on anything but disagreeing on everything, at some point the EU have to do what’s best for them. This could be insisting on a very long extension to Brexit in the hope that a deal can be found or they could wash their hands of the inability of the UK Parliament and decide to cut their losses, avoid the UK holding EU Elections, and let a no deal Brexit go through.

At this point, MPs might decide to avoid a no deal Brexit by revoking Article 50 even though this has been resoundedly rejected several times.

It is likely that the government could once again bring their deal back to Parliament for a fourth attempt later this week in a last last last last ditch attempt to get it passed. Wednesday looks like the next time MPs take over the business of the Commons for a third round of indicative voting on Brexit options.

The only thing that is certain today is for the second time in less than a month we about to leave the EU in just 10 days time and once again no one knows what will happen and which, if any, Brexit options will take place.

11 Responses

  1. why do you think they will stop trading with us … surely if they do this it effects them just as much as this is an income they will no longer have and we still have the rest of the world to trade with… what we need is more people believing in this country open up more farms ect increase manufacturing ect. we are great britain we can be great again we did it before so we can do it again !!! and as for paying the eu money …. i dont think so you still owe us for giving you freedom if it wasnt for us you would all be talking german .. how you seem to of forgotten this is unbelievable we sacrificed so much so that you could live in peace and this is how you repay us ??!! you should hang your heads in shame and wake up … for you would not be where you are now if it was’nt for us therefore we dont owe you nothing technically you still owe us.

  2. I say Caruthers! let the blighters have it between the eyes, send a bally gun boat in.

    oops wrong century….

  3. Such a mess. Such a faction riddled and very self serving house of commons mixture of hard right left and nationalists.
    Still the point is you do not leave I think we will have a rise of the right in this country , and democracy will be broken by the elites, not respecting the vote is a travesty. Now if we do leave nothing wrong with campaign ing to get back but right now this is wrong how it is being done.
    As far as marketplace selling goes am just going to keep going selling and posting as I think we will be never-ending extensions now.

  4. What a total mess run by the MPS.
    The people voted out.

    So then it was up to the MPS to get a deal now they have failed it should just be out.

    Let the country deal with others around the world and let us then negotiate deals with the EU countries. If they don’t want to its their loss as much as ours.

    After all imagine if all the gloom and doom is correct then what they are saying is.
    If the EU starts to crumble and so decide lets just disband and go our own ways we as a nation are finished.

    What rubbish we have survived worse and always will

    Its not EU or nothing.

    I saw an interview with an apple grower in the south of England who said he sells only 20% of his crop for eating the rest is sold cheaply for cider (nothing wrong with that). He sees the same type of apple imported from Germany, France, Italy, Spain in larger numbers. He has room for expansion and can fill the shortfall easily that is just one example of Buy British.
    For gods sake we bang on about pollution yet bring what we already have hundreds of miles wasting fuel.

    Just leave.

    Hopefully the EU will decide it for us by refusing an extension and pushing us out .


  5. There was never any plan for leaving the EU. What was called the “deal” took ages to be written and if I understand well it is only a temporary agreement opening a 2 year transition period.
    Competition in Europe is such that any little difficulty such as worry about a purchase from a UK seller say on eBay, possibly making any stop at customs, is enough to put a buyer off and send them looking elsewhere.


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