New (Free) Spark Lister eBay TurboLister Alternative

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There’s a new eBay TurboLister alternative available and in even better news the Spark Lister eBay Turbolister alternative is free to download and use. What’s amazing is that it comes from Bonanza, a marketplace which on the face of things is a competitor to eBay.

The Spark Lister Turbolister replacement has been built with the eBay seller in mind and as you might expect, as well as listing on eBay, you can also list on Bonanza. However if you’re not a Bonanza seller (and why not?) then you don’t have to sell on Bonanza to use Spark Lister to manage your eBay business.

Spark Lister allows sellers to connect Bonanza and eBay accounts for easy inventory management, offline or online. New items that you create can be posted to only one marketplace, or to both Bonanza and eBay. It’s a desktop listing editor for Windows so if you loved TurboLister it’s well worth giving it a try.

If you’re not a fan of using eBay Seller Hub to create listings, then you’ll be pleased to know that with Spark Lister you can create items offline and save them for later syncing, or items can be synced immediately if you are online. For item creation within Spark Lister you can create items manually or upload a CSV inventory file. You also have the option of creating templates to be saved for later use. Naturally you can also export CSV files of their inventory from Spark Lister.

Building an eBay TurboLister alternative is a smart move from Bonanza. Speaking to Bill Harding, CEO of Bonanza, he told us that Bonanza are in the business of making it easy and enjoyable to sell on marketplaces. Being a realist, by making it easy for sellers to list on eBay via a tool that can also enable them to list on Bonanza could pay real dividends.

We know many sellers rued the passing of eBay TurboLister and if that’s you and you are still looking for a TurboLister alternative then give Spark Lister a try… and while you’re using it consider giving the give the Bonanza marketplace a try too.

Download Spark Lister

Whilst Spark Lister is still in Beta, it’s fully functional and if you want to be one of the first to try it you can download it for free here.

One Response

  1. There is no marketplace that I *want* to love more than privately-held Bonanza.

    With their easy eBay import tool and ‘gamification’ of site engagement, it’s a great eBay augmentation for casual sellers.

    Unfortunately problems reliably syncing with eBay stores (shops) and difficulty with eBay multi-variation listings and photos are shortcomings that can be a real time-sink.

    Worse yet, unreliable decrementing of eBay shop item quantity and potential for accidentally selling OOS items on eBay are tactical pain-points that need to be fixed (and we haven’t even touched on the bigger issues like buyer traffic).

    Back to ‘Spark Lister’- Bonanza should be applauded for taking the initiative to put a free TurboLister alternative out to market. If it works well, it’s a true win-win for both Bonanza as well as its members.

    On a quick scan a couple things jump out:

    1) It doesn’t appear there is a native 64-bit version (helpful for avoiding problems and snappy performance with large databases on PCs and workstations with 16-32+GB of RAM).

    2) No mention of assist for eBay’s ‘evergreen’ perpetual GTC renewal interrupt.

    Three of the most popular TurboLister alternatives (SixBit, InkFrog, and WonderLister) all currently have a feature to optionally halt renewal of eBay’s GTC 30-day autorenewal, and any new TL “competitor” or replacement is remiss in not including this feature.

    SIDE NOTE: I have personally worked with WonderLister in testing their GTC interrupt feature, it works wonderfully and I recommend their product (no affiliation whatsoever).

    It’s unfortunate eBay can’t be bothered to address Seller Hub’s shortcomings or continue with TurboLister.

    With massive layoffs and cost-controls in effect, it appears eBay doesn’t want to expend resources on consumer/SMB front-end tools beyond the minimum and is content with the majority of their transactions taking place through APIs.

    Hopefully Bonanza will continue to tweak Spark Lister and soon include a GTC auto-renewal interrupt.



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