Veo Marketplace aims to be most Earth Friendly on planet

Today is Earth Day, an annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April with events held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, so what better day to announce a new marketplace Veo, which launches in June and promising to be the most Earth friendly marketplace in the world.

Understanding the need to create a kind, healthy, green world, team Veo has created a destination for consumers who care about the origins and sustainability of the products they purchase, to empower an ‘effortlessly ethical’ movement.

Launching in June 2019, Veo will be a one-stop shop for unique independent sustainable brands, with products ranging from fashion, health & beauty, food & beverage to home & decor, leisure & general lifestyle, inspiring shoppers to discover a world of Earth friendly choice.

What is an ‘Earth Friendly’ product?

When it comes to conscious shopping, the retail landscape can be confusing and misleading, as it’s not always clear that what you’re buying is 100% ‘Earth friendly’.

Veo only approves brands that meet their comprehensive ‘Earth friendly’ criteria, such as:

  • Fashion & apparel brands who are transparent about their supply chains and committed to using ethically sourced materials and fabrics.
  • Health & beauty products that are not tested on animals and do not contain ‘nasties’, hazardous substances, preservatives or chemicals.
  • Food & drink that is non-GMO, free from additives, preservatives and artificial sugars
  • Lifestyle products produced using sustainable materials, recycled or upcycled, plastic alternatives, and carbon neutral.

“Veo will be the leading shopping & lifestyle marketplace to inspire kind, healthy, green living. We hope to be a part of the movement to disrupt retail and expedite the global trend towards sustainable business and a Circular Economy. The trend is critical, but the positive stories we increasingly see in the news indicate that the tide is turning and meaningful and powerful changes are happening”.
– Joe Darwen, founder, Veo

Sign up to sell on Veo

If you produce unique & quality earth friendly products you can already apply to sell on Veo marketplace as a vendor, and be discovered by mindful shoppers and conscious consumers searching for earth friendly products.

Take the Earth Friendly Quiz

To celebrate EarthDay and find out how earth friendly you you are, take the Veo earth friendly quiz and get £5 off your first purchase valid for the week Veo launches.

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