‘Amazon consumers expect fast and free shipping, on Etsy it’s unrealistic:’ Etsy CEO

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Amazon consumers expect fast and free shipping, this idea on Etsy is unrealistic, says Etsy CEO.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal today, Etsy CEO, Josh Silverman says that shoppers on Amazon are raising expectations for the customer service. They have an expectation of fast and free shipping, says Josh, most things on Etsy are [made] for you so the idea that they’re shipped within two days to your home may not be realistic.

However, Josh says that as a compromise, Etsy can make the shipping fees feel reasonable. Buyer expectations around shipping costs are changing, adds Josh, more and more are expecting that shipping is free, more accurate and that it’s bundled in their price of the item.

Etsy CEO’s commentary on Amazon’s delivery offering comes after Amazon said last week to introduce free one-day delivery for the US Prime members. The move saw Walmart hinting in a tweet on Friday about the introduction of free one-day delivery shipping. However, as much as Amazon’s move seemed to create a ripple effect across the industry – it appears that we won’t see Etsy putting themselves in direct competition with Amazon, and Walmart to come.

Etsy CEO on Amazon vs Etsy

Speaking about the difference between Amazon and Etsy, Josh says that the two are quite contrasting. Amazon, says Josh, is a place to go to buy all commoditised and disposable products you need every day. He says that Etsy is a place to go when you want to explore your sense of style or to show that you care for someone else, or products that come with a story. Josh says that Etsy boast a variety of unique products. We sell hats for your cats, says Josh, but also products like a peacock costume for a turtle.

Diversity success

Since our birth, says Josh, we have been focused on having a really diverse workforce We’ve been willing to put our money where our mouth is. The numbers of female employees at Etsy are about double compared to any other leading tech firm. Josh attributes this success to sustained commitment.

Etsy physical store

When asked whether Etsy would open a physical store, Josh said: Gosh, I hope not. Running a retail operation with real estate, retail employees that’s a very difficult business.


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