Amazon sellers choose eBay and Walmart as secondary platforms

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Amazon sellers are choosing eBay and Walmart as their secondary trading platforms, says The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2019 report by Feedvisor.

The report aims to provide a comprehensive view into the state of the Amazon marketplace — their growth, shifting nature, and new initiatives — as well as how sellers react and restructure their strategies as a result.

Amazon sellers are trading on multiple platforms to support their business. The finding’s say that eBay and Walmart are merchants’ top choice. More than a half (56%) of the surveyed Amazon merchants are selling on eBay, with more than a third (35%) trading on Walmart.

Amazon sellers

The report points out that sellers also use their “own website” to sell goods. Nearly half (47%) of respondents are selling on their own websites and almost a quarter (23%) are using a physical store to show off their goods. This means that Amazon are lacking a physical element of retailing which isn’t available online. Sellers are using their brick-and-mortar stores to bridge the customers’ imagination gap so that they can to touch and feel products.

Leading marketplaces such as Shopify (19%), Jet (14%), Sears (8%), Newegg (7%), Rakuten (5%) and Alibaba (1%) follow the list of platforms Amazon merchants use to trade on.

Amazon sellers

The study highlights the notion that the majority of Amazon merchants are prioritising their growth on Amazon rather than any other platform. Some 37% of the polled sellers don’t want to move outside of Amazon.

When asked what platform sellers are considering expanding to next, the higher percentage would rather choose Walmart over eBay. This shows a change of heart from the majority of Amazon merchants already trading on eBay and Walmart.

The report highlights the idea of many sellers not putting their eggs into one basket. Sellers are using multiple platforms to achieve growth and take advantage of different features available on a variety of marketplaces.

2 Responses

  1. In 2013 I was only on eBay then started Amazon properly. 2019 they have both become the sites I do not spend anytime with.
    Just the other day Mirkal started a site linking merchants and marketplaces together.
    I find all these niche sites much more profitable, many who won’t attract some of the big box shifters either as they won’t get the volume .

    Plus there are standards on these sites, unlike fake eBay or Amazon.

  2. When will ebay stop the madness and return to fixed price with best offer? I’ve removed all of my listings because like others, I cannot pay for an item until it sells. I’ve had some items sit for 3 or 4 re-lists until the “right” buyer sees it. This is a real shame but I suppose it’s time to find a new avenue. So long ebay…


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