9 eBay personalised approaches for tailored experience

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eBay say that this year saw the introduction of personalised experiences on the marketplaces to enhance the shopping journey for customers.

The marketplace say that the new experiences eBay have built are focused on inspiration and discovery, value and selection, simplicity and ease. Here are the 9 eBay personalised approaches for tailored experiences:

1. Personalised content for guests

eBay say that they continue to hone the guest user experiences. eBay uses customers’ data to deliver personalised experiences, relevant to a consumer.

The marketplace is targeting users by recommending items based on ‘Recently Viewed Items’ and shopping behaviour. eBay say that they’re simplifying this process by allowing users to sign in via Facebook and Google. This allows easy access, bookmarking the recommendations for customers who have not created an eBay account.

2. Trending in shoppers’ interests

eBay attribute their trending products to the fact that “the world is talk[ing] about them.

eBay say that the increased popularity of Athleisure such as the combination of sport and fashion items are beginning to merge in an upcoming ‘Trending for Your Interests’ feature. eBay says that finding trends within the world of what matters to each shopper keeps recommendations fresh and timely.

For example, if eBay know that a shopper is a sneakerhead, they might recommend the popular Adidas Ultra Boost from time to time.

Last month, during the Game Of Thrones (GOT) final week, the GOT version of the Adidas Ultra Boost shoes were trending on eBay. Rather than just recommending Adidas Ultra Boost as they normally would, eBay now recommends the GOT Ultra Boost in the ‘Trending in Your Interests’ module. eBay would highlight to a shopper what enthusiast sneakerheads are coveting that week.

3. Buy again with one click

eBay designed ‘the buy again’ button for repeat purchases. If the same item is no longer available from the original seller, eBay will present the ‘Buy Similar’ option to a buyer.

Through this feature, eBay’s search algorithms will surface similar inventory, often the same product sold by a different seller, the same product in a different variant, or a similar product. eBay say that they will use customer data to remind shoppers to ‘buy again’ at the right time.

4. A picture’s worth a 1,000 words

Ebay’s ‘Image Search’ feature allows shoppers to use pictures to search eBay’s catalogue of 1.2 billion items. Shoppers can take a photo or upload an existing photo into the ‘Search’ bar.

eBay will surface listings that are a close match or visually similar. Image Search is enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning and allows shoppers to quickly find the things they’re looking for, making the entire internet shoppable on a mobile device.

5. Pivoting eBay’s visual shopping feature

eBay’s visual shopping feature lets shoppers use words and pictures to shop, discover and explore eBay. If a shopper sees a trainer, chair or dress that piques their interest while shopping through eBay’s inventory, they can tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the listing and start exploring similar items.

6. The right offer at the right time

eBay says that they send offers to shoppers “when the time is right.” This works by using machine learning, eBay surface coupons and deals that make sense for how a consumer is interacting with eBay. This may be a customised coupon experience with an incentive for downloading the app, an item that’s on shoppers’ watch list, or discounts to eBay’s “best” or new customers.

7. Personalised promoted listings

eBay sellers use promoted listings to elevate items that they feel are relevant and valuable.

For shoppers, these come to life through sponsored recommendations on eBay. The ‘Similar to your Recent Views; module, on the ‘View Item’ page, uses machine learning to understand shoppers’ preferences and help them find the most relevant similar items to complete their shopping mission, often elevating sponsored content to meet their needs.

8. Personal shopping on eBay

eBay use ‘Save and Watch’ buttons to keep shoppers informed about new inventory and changes in price. This lets consumers know when something they’re looking for comes back into stock or when new things they ‘watching’ hit the marketplace.

eBay say they’re experimenting with new ways to ‘Save’ items personalise the shopping experience. For example, eBay are recommending via email that shoppers save sellers who they’ve bought from in the past to be the first to see their favourite sellers’ new listings and special offers.

9. Evolving personalised homepage

eBay say that the goal of their homepage recommendations is to inspire and show the users the value and unique selection that eBay has among their 1.2 billion listings.

eBay are now working on leveraging regional shopping variations and user demographics for more robust recommendations. They aim to begin personalising more human-curated content and offers, things like our ‘Deals,’ ‘Editor’s Picks,’ and branded sales and events, to further blur human touch and machine learning.


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