2019 eBay Listing Optimisation Guide

Whether you are a brand new seller on eBay or have a couple of decades experience under your belt, sooner or later you’ll look at your eBay sales and wonder why they’re flat lining or even falling. Our 2019 eBay Listing Optimisation Guide aims to answer these questions.

Written by venerable eBay expert Dan Wilson, this is a bang up to date guide for eBay listing optimisation and includes everything from the basics of getting your images right and how eBay Best Match works through to Item Specifics and taking full advantage of features which are new to eBay in 2019 such as eBay Multi-buy features.

Whether it be a refresher on how to best list to ensure you’re getting the most from mobile and mobile app buyers or appealing to International buyers, the eBay Listing Optimisation Guide covers everything you need to know to revitalise your sales.

Key lessons in the 2019 eBay Listing Optimisation Guide

  • The importance of optimising your eBay listings in generating sales.
  • Changes you can make to improve your sales volume, conversion rate and profitability.
  • Ways to focus and prioritise your efforts to get maximum impact.
  • Improvements you can make to your eBay listings more effective and alluring on mobile devices.

When other merchants have lack-lustre and poorly optimised listings on display on eBay, this gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd. The optimisation tips in this ebook seek to give you the inspiration to start improving your eBay product listings right away.

This is an eBook written by an eBay expert (Dan once worked for eBay UK) specifically for Tamebay readers. It’s free to download and designed to help everyone from the very smallest seller to the largest. None of the suggestions will cost you money (Whilst it undoubtedly can increase your exposure, eBay Promoted Listings comes at a price so isn’t covered in this eBook – If your eBay Listing Optimisation isn’t spot on you still won’t see conversions). The only investment will be your time reading the eBook and then tweaking your listings.

Even the smallest of changes to your listings can have a large impact on your sell through rates, so download today and get started revitalising your eBay sales.

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Nice guide that will help some people out, but not convinced with the best match advice. It should in theory work, yet so many of us will see (as I do) multiple rival listings for similar items place much higher, despite being the exact opposite of what you advise to get a good result in best match. When listings with zero sales history from sellers with low and poor feedback, a higher price (sometimes over 3x higher), using stolen off the internet images covered in watermarks and grafitti can beat sellers who tick all the boxes, there has to be something skewed and wrong in best match. As it says in your guide, exactly how best match works is secretive and unknown. We can only guess. My theory is that the suppression of quality listings in best match is all to do with sponsored listings. Ebay don't want the naturally good listings to be seen on the same screen as them in best match, because they want the sponsored listings to sell and that's not going to happen if the listing just underneath the sponsored listing, is more appealing.

Gav • 12th July 2019 •

Promoted listings Neutralise all this effort

Jim • 12th July 2019 •

The Best Match advice isn't invalidated by Promoted Listings. And all the content included is best practice in any case. Yes, including watermarks on images even though offenders still persist. Best Match is clearly impacted by Promoted Listings. How, why and to what end is very much open to speculation and in need of cross-site scrutiny (Best Match obviously also changes according to vertical, right?) Those weren't topics for this document. But they may be topics Tamebay wishes to return to. Best, Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson • 12th July 2019 •

There are so many things eBay sellers have tried to turn around their plummeting sales, including Promoted Listings, that don't do a thing. It really doesn't matter what you do. eBay is still in control of what sells, who sells, item placement, and even if your items are seen. Promoted Listings are NOT proven to do anything other than give eBay more money and take more from you. It's more of an annoyance to buyers than anything. eBay tries to spread the word that this/that/the other hoop they want you to jump through will help your sales by X%. It's all BS. All of these things eBay suggests sellers to do are NOT for the sellers benefit. It's for eBay's benefit only! There isn't one thing they do which the goal isn't to rig their GMV or revenue numbers at the expense of it's users.

Dav • 12th July 2019 •

@Dan Wilson Any to support your claims hard evidence or trading figures any actual results hard evidence actual test figures similar to those recently carried our by Stuff U sell on promoted listings

jim • 13th July 2019 •

Who cares? Just find other routes to market. eBay is a busted flush, it’s influence and market share slowly ebbing away under the most inept management possibly ever seen for a global player.

Jonah • 13th July 2019 •

were one of the persistent watermark offenders and we intend to persistently persist we sell original photographs and negatives without a watermark we would be providing images free to anyone

jim • 15th July 2019 •