eBay £79 deals – Hero products for the price of a Prime Membership

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Today, eBay UK have announced eBay £79 deals where shoppers can get amazing deals on huge brands – all for the price of an Amazon Prime membership. They’re not going to let Amazon rule the July sales and have kicked off their eBay £79 deals 5 days before Amazon Prime Day gets under way. The deals program is specifically designed to pull customers to eBay and get them spending money, not just on the featured deals but across the site, in advance of Amazon Prime Day.

This comes after last week’s announcement that eBay UK was crashing the Prime Day party with 15 days of epic deals for everyone with ‘no membership required’ discounts of up to 70%.

Instead of shelling out a membership fee, shoppers can instead spend their hard-earned £79 on a slew of on-sale products. Every day from Wednesday the 10th of July, new must-have items will have their prices slashed and will include brands such as Oral B, Google, Kärcher, De’Longhi, Simba and Vax. There will also be 100s of tech deals on offer over the next week.

eBay £79 deals – Hero products for £79 include

Other Prime Day events on eBay include:

  • Curry’s PC World Tech Deals

    Curry’s PC World on eBay UK has announced its big tech discounts, with prices being slashed until the 16th of July. Up to 50% will be knocked off 100s of products including the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro (was £219, now £109), Google Pixel Slate Chromebook (was £749, now £599), and Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop (was £449, now £349)

  • Even more eBay Prime Day Deals

    You’ll find even more deals on offer at ebay.co.uk/deals. Here you’ll also find eBay’s Prime Day slogan “We’re all about deals 365 days a year with no membership fees”

6 Responses

  1. Hmmm

    For £79 I get

    Unlimited (mostly) next day delivery included.
    Loads of great TV and movies.
    1000s of albums, albums that I would probably buy.
    Kindle books every month.
    Exclusive prices on some offers.
    Probably more that I’ve forgotten about.

    Or you know, I could cancel all that and get a toothbrush. Tough choice.

  2. @ifellow – I feel you may be looking through the wrong end of the telescope. 🙂

    I would sign up with Amazon Prime for all the things that are offered even if it did not include next day delivery.

    I would therefore suggest that I am taking my £79 per year and buying a whole raft of stuff that I would buy anyway that totals far more than £79 and getting mostly next day delivery thrown in as a bonus on the other stuff that I do buy from them when the price is right.

  3. @ifellow – to some extent, I agree with what you have just posted and perhaps I am different from you. 🙂

    When I watch a series or film, I really have no interest in seeing it again. I have a ton of stuff that I actually own and, having seen it once, I have never watched again. Similarly for most of the music I have listened to.

    On the Kindle front, borrowed books do return to Amazon but the monthly freebies and the Prime only sale books do not.

    Amazon Cloud storage is free whilst a Prime member but I trust nothing to the Cloud if I can avoid it and I have nothing on the Amazon Cloud.

    I only ever buy Prime Only deals if I really want them and if they cost less on Amazon.

    I get £79 of value from my membership, even if a lot of the stuff is, as you suggest, a lease. My reading habits alone cover a good 75% of that £79 in Prime Kindle purchases and monthly freebie Kindle books – which I retain ownership of. Add in the free rental of their series, films, music and the Kindle lending library and that more than accounts for the other 25%. Even if all of those items go back to Amazon if I leave Prime, once they have passed through my synapses, I have almost wish to revisit them.

    As I said earlier, I get far more value out of my Prime membership than mostly fast(ish) delivery. If I did not, then, like you, I would be keeping my £79 to spend on other things.

  4. You have to admit PRIME is pretty good value for money. The shopping is the last thing I really use it for also
    Apart from not taking on the new season of Animal Kingdom after taking on the last 3 grinds my bones is my only gripe.
    Look at the rubbish on the BBC and you pay that lot over £165 a year and it is never on. We are ripped off every day in the UK but prime you do get bang for your buck.
    TV is the big winner it is the reason I keep it, and the music us used a fair bit also even though I do not like that Alexa thing in my kitchen.
    eBay can keep their toothbrushes and gimmicks and fake sales.


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