Get 50% off eBay Final value fees with eBay Fast & Free Incentive

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eBay UK have a new promotion kicking off which can save invited sellers up to £200 in final value fees. It’s based around eBay Fast & Free and participating sellers will get 50% of final value fees from today until the 19th of August. This promotion will likely benefit smaller sellers the most.

Here at Tamebay we (mostly) like free postage and think that consumers appreciate it when sellers have products suitable in able to offer it. However we do think that delivery within three working days is actually pretty slow and at best an economy service, definitely not ‘Fast’. That’s beside the point for this promotion and the important thing is that you don’t have to offer free next day delivery to qualify – Fast & Free is ship quickly with a selection of economy services or ship slow but with a premium service, the choice is yours.

This promotion is being offered to a targeted group of sellers so if that’s you then you need to accept the offer in your inbox before you start listing, to get the benefits. Once you’ve accepted the invitation, create or update a minimum of 50 listings to offer free delivery within 3 working days. You need to do this any time from today but before the 29th of July.

Listings will stand out because of the Fast & Free badge and sellers will get 50% off Final value fees for the items sold between today the 23th July the 19th of August. There is a cap on the saving of £200.

eBay say that free postage and fast delivery are often the final considerations before a buyer makes a purchase. eBay highlights free postage listings that are likely to be delivered within 3 working days with the Fast & Free badge to promote the listings to get them the attention they deserve

  • 59% of customers say a positive delivery experience incentivises them to shop again
  • 66% of customers said free delivery is their top consideration when making a purchase

Full terms and conditions are available on eBay

One Response

  1. yes|||||

    I like Tamebay like free shipping.
    I also like free items, i also like free food and free drinks plus free clothes and anything else in the world that free.

    oh hold on a minute reality check unlike some i realise there is no such thing as free its cost is met by someone. Surely people like the low overall price they dont care if the product is £5 free shipping or £3 and £2 shipping at least the second option is being totally honest and not using Free as a fake advertising ploy.

    it is only eBay that did not like loaded postage costs before they introduced their fees from every part of the deal.


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