Tmall new flagship stores to tap into personalised experiences

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Tmall today announced the introduction of Tmall new flagship stores to help their marketplace merchants tap into the personalised experiences.

The new format from Alibaba Group’s B2C online marketplace, called Flagship Store 2.0 is designed to feature more tailored services for consumers. The technology behind this is machine learning which uses customer data to push relevant cash-back promotions, vouchers and discounts for individual shoppers.

Jiang Fan, president of Taobao and Tmall puts the introduction of the flagship stores down to the ability of merchants to generate more growth. He says that the launch is part of the technological innovation strategy Alibaba aim to bring later on this later. Jiang says that Tmall are set to bring the personalisation elements to their physical stores in the near future.

From first-time visitors to lifetime customers

Tmall are also offering ways to boost merchants’ engagement with consumers. The platform created what they call “brand-loyalty scores,” where consumers collect points for any and all actions that are made in a flagship store, from browsing products and adding items to their shopping carts to playing an interactive game and leaving a review. The higher the score, the more benefits they earn in the brand’s “Fan Club,” where they can also read branded posts, watch videos and see other options to interact with the brand to earn more points.


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