Back to Basics – How to be successful at online selling

The Wholesale Forums, with their 100,000+ members, spend most of their time talking, discussing the minutiae of processes around online selling – whether it is moving up the eBay listings, or the pros and cons of different delivery options or profit margin management. Naturally they end up advising online sellers simply by reminding them of the basic building blocks of success in ecommerce industry and now they’ve distilled all of that knowledge into an eBook – Back to Basics – How to be successful at online selling.

With a foreword by Helen Parker, Chief Executive at The Wholesale Community Group, this is not only an enjoyable read but is packed with tips in easily digestible bullet point format. If you’re starting out (or thinking of starting out) in ecommerce, this free guide is unquestionably the first place you should start. If you’re already experienced and been selling online for years then there are still a ton of useful tips and reminders and it never hurts to go back to basics and review your business.

“Our goal is to either help established sellers to take stock of where they are and the potential areas for improvement and growth, or to help new sellers to understand the market a bit better and think about best practice from the outset.”
– Helen Parker, Chief Executive , The Wholesale Community Group

Whether it be identifying and profiling your customers, getting a website and starting to sell, or social media and how to manage your ever expanding enterprise, you’ll find tips to get you started.

Back to basics is something we should all do from time to time. As a business grows and different processes are added in, each to solve a different challenge, it’s easy to end up fire fighting on a daily basis, so take a coffee break today, download your free copy of Back to Basics – How to be successful at online selling and spend 20 minutes reading.

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One of the basic things we found in many years of online trading Its also easy to get marketing and promo emails by downloading ebooks

Jim • 2nd August 2019 •

Have you read it Chris? I guess it is always good to have a refresher as often there is so many distractions which can pull you away from the basics. Many pdf downloads add you to a mailing list but wholesaleforum is a reputable outlet so I would be confident downloading it from them as opposed to some youtube advertiser.

crackerjack • 2nd August 2019 •

No such thing as a free lunch is another business basic

Jim • 3rd August 2019 •