PayPal joins Trustpilot Partner Program to Vet Merchant Applicants

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Trustpilot have announced a collaboration with PayPal which will give PayPal another tool to vet merchants when deciding what services to grant them. Potentially in the future this could even be used to assess the PayPal rate you’re offered or how much PayPal Working Capital is made available to you. Trustpilot ratings are unlikely to be the primary factor in assessing your business, but it’s a useful additional datapoint that PayPal have at their disposal.

With 277 million active accounts, PayPal evaluates tens of thousands of merchant applications each year from businesses that wish to utilize the company’s various tools and services, including accepting payments, securing loans and credit, and managing orders. Before merchants can begin using PayPal’s platform, each is thoroughly vetted by an in-house compliance team that looks at the business’ overall health. Via Trustpilot’s API, PayPal will utilize data from millions of customer ratings and reviews as part of its internal evaluation and validation process for new business merchants, offering PayPal evaluators another tool in determining business’ qualifications.

Trustpilot Partner Program

The Trustpilot partner program offers hundreds of thousands of Trustpilot customers with direct access to the leading ecommerce tools, software, and support services. It includes top-tier digital agencies as well as ecommerce solution providers such as Google, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Zendesk, Loyalty Lion, Freshworks, Hootsuite, and PrestaShop.

“PayPal is one of the most trusted online business tools in the world. As such, it makes perfectly good sense to partner with the world’s most trusted review platform, especially when it comes to using customer feedback to assess business’ overall health.”
– Peter Simpson, Head of Partnerships at Trustpilot

Tech and agency partners are invited to join the Trustpilot Partner Program only after a thorough vetting process, and all partners must aid Trustpilot companies in one or all of the following areas: customer engagement, retention, personalization, loyalty, and customer feedback. The program’s most popular integrations to date help companies share reviews in more places and/or gather insightful intelligence from reviews to improve products and services.

3 Responses

  1. This is seriously amusing.

    PayPal, the company with the worst rating of all, is going to use trustpilot ratings to decide what rate to allow new accounts.

    I propose both companies look at PayPal’s pathetic record before collaborating.

    Shame on them both, they are utterly hypocritical.

  2. Thoroughly vetted my asre. I know someone who’s had a Paypal and ebay account for years and he’s not even using his real name, so what exactly do they check?

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me. Now PayPal will vet a company based on their TrustPilot score knowing damn well that TrustPilot caters to fake reviews. Now unscrupulous competitors can destroy a persons business in a whole different way. By posting fake slanderous reviews to have their PayPal account rejected. This takes stupidity to a whole different level.


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