Amazon Enhanced Brand Content renamed Amazon A+ Content

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Amazon have renamed Enhanded Brand Content which will henceforth be known as Amazon A+ Content. This aligns the name across both Amazon’s selling channels – Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon A+ content enables you to enhance your product detail page with HD videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, FAQs and marketing content which drives improved conversion rates. Amazon merchants can find Amazon A+ content in the same place, that is Seller Central (Advertising > A+ Content Manager.

Along with the name change, Amazon have released three improvements to the offering.

Amazon A+ Content improvements

  • Publish A+ to many ASINs at the same time, not 1×1 to SKUs

    Before, sellers needed to submit A+ Content to one SKU at a time, including all the child SKUs in many categories. Also, sellers needed to deal with confusing differences about whether to submit A+ for a parent or child SKU. No more. The new A+ Content Manager experience enables you to create a piece of content and search for and apply the content to many different ASINs – not SKUs – from different ASIN families. We also show you the image, ASIN title, and other information on the ASINs, not just the SKU like before.

  • Mobile preview

    The new A+ Content Manager allows you to quickly flip to preview mode and see both desktop and mobile preview on the same screen.

  • Create language variations

    Previously, A+ Content only supported one language per country. Now, the new A+ Content Manager enables you to support other shopper languages in each country, such as English and Spanish in US, English and French in Canada, and others. When you click to create language variations for your content, we show you all the supported languages in the country and create a draft with your content and applied ASINs for each language you choose.

4 Responses

  1. It is a good update to the Enhanced Brand Content. IMHO I think having your own brand and barcodes is the only way forward on Amazon unless you can always be the cheapest on an in demand product.

  2. Does anyone know how to add video because we cannot find this option, perhaps it is currently USA only? We are based in the UK.

    Any help from anyone would be very much appreciated.



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