Exciting times for last-mile logistics as delivery management goes mobile… literally!

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Robin Seymour Co-Founder, SmartConsign talks mobile delivery managementIn a guest post today, Robin Seymour Co-Founder of SmartConsign discusses delivery management in a mobile world:

We are already riding the second wave of disruption in delivery management and it’s only going to get better for consumers, as they stand to enjoy even greater increase in choice of delivery wherever they are. How online sellers and shipping companies address the fast past of change has already undergone huge transformation, yet few have been able to address the most important challenge – last-mile delivery.

In the main, consumers expect to continue to benefit from the increase in choice whether its same-day, free delivery or next day. They expect no less, the battle has been won – consumer demand today drives delivery management, end of. However, what’s more, exciting is not going to be who offers the best delivery option but who is least likely to keep the customer waiting.

We are break with tradition here and putting the conclusion of this article in the introduction – SmartConsign is all about not keeping anybody waiting after all – the solution to the problems of last-mile delivery is good technology. Accessible, agile, smart technology overseeing and underpinning the human endeavours involved in getting the right item into the right hands at the right time with the most efficiency – there’s the answer in a nutshell. But let’s explore the problem mobile technology can solve.


Inefficiency in delivery timelines is a major and pervasive problem, with last-mile accounting for more than half of all delivery costs. Failure at this stage of the journey costs a fortune – 1.6 billion being the best available estimate in 2018. In this high-pressure environment every second count, having clarity of your shipping instantly makes sense, ideally an app or bit of tech that is frictionlessly integrated into existing systems, a system that allows all managers access with minimum disruption.

Seasonal Peaks

Christmas, Black Friday, Single’s Day and a plethora of ecommerce sales events are nearly on our doorstep. During these periods the last mile is dramatically impacted and whilst the likes of Amazon have the resources to control their logistics network, for other e-tailers who are reliant on multiple carriers, accessing real-time data is critical. The time it takes to log in to your laptop may already be too late, the mobile tech that allows you the ability to check carrier performance on the go is a fitting solution.

The future is here

In order to thrive and grow, e-tailers and logistics providers need to embrace the right technology. As a company that thrives on wrangling wayward ducks in a quest to get each one in a row – we positively come to life when an opportunity arises to create sense and organisation where there are confusion and chaos. The best tech slots into your life and business and levels it up effortlessly. With the intelligence in and behind tech today there really is no reason for (and in logistics and retail – no time for) a tedious learning curve.

What makes the SmartConsign app so smart?

“You already have the most powerful dashboard platform in your pocket, the SmartConsign app has simply made your mobile more relevant to address the immediate challenges you face in delivery management”
– Robin Seymour Co-Founder, SmartConsign

First of all – using the app means that you don’t have to be at your desk to oversee every moment of the delivery process. No surprises waiting for you when you get back to your desktop. The SmartConsign app will have you mitigating missed instances of communication – a powerful solution. It gives you instant access to carrier performance statistics with graphs showing late or non-scanned shipments segmented by carrier. You can also mark a shipment for notification on the app (eg ‘with carrier’, ‘on hold’, ‘delivered’), raise a ticket, follow up on tickets and much more. The app is already here and it’s free to download, available from Google Play and App Store.

SmartConsign is a delivery management software first to pioneer the solution in the cloud. The system supports over 25 of the largest carriers in the UK, it is fully integrated with some of the largest eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Linnworks amongst others. And is renowned for its fast labeling system, one of many features that are attuned to the on-demand society that is driving the transformation in the logistics sector.


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