Shipping with Amazon launches in the UK with full Linnworks Integration

Tamebay has been approached by Linnworks customers, who have today received an email from Linnworks announcing that Shipping with Amazon is now live and available for online merchants to use. Shipping with Amazon is the ability to use Amazon Logistics as you would any other regular courier to deliver your parcels and that includes shipments for sales which didn’t take place on Amazon.

If you use any other courier you’ll want to check out Shipping with Amazon as it is a courier that collects seven days a week and in general offers a phenomenal service with more delivery options than practically any other courier. It also has amazing tracking with maps for the final mile showing how many deliveries there are to make and an expected wait time before your parcel arrives.

Smaller retailers who have in the past had to pay hefty surcharges will love the service that Shipping with Amazon offers its customers – next deliveries with potentially seven day a week collections as well if you work the weekends.

Here at Tamebay we are predicting that this is just the start for Shipping with Amazon – they are already one of the largest carriers in the UK, with only Royal Mail, Hermes and Yodel in contention based on shipping volumes. They have the potential to be second only to Royal Mail and perhaps even carry greater volumes than Royal Mail in terms of parcels if you discount the letter post.

How to sign up for Shipping with Amazon via Linnworks

Linnworks is of course an obvious launch partner for Amazon as Linnworks has more marketplace merchants using its platform than any single other vendor in the UK. In order to get started you will need to get a quote based on your business profile but if you want to use Shipping with Amazon you’ll be able to despatch parcels within days. Whilst this is a business to consumer proposition, you don’t have to be a current Linnworks customer to sign up and take advantage.

While other couriers are well aware that Amazon has been building out its Shipping with Amazon proposition, the announcement that it is live today and generally available is likely to be big news throughout the carrier industry. Ultimately for you as a merchant, whether you switch all your shipments over time to Shipping with Amazon or if you choose to use it as an additional service in conjunction with your current carriers, this will add greater flexibility to your arsenal and increase the choice you can offer your customers.

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yep Christmas mail strikes might just be a thing of the past? rather like the CWU

jim • 18th September 2019 •

Gonna pay linnworks £150 per month to use this...............Ha, yeah right ,!!!

Ifellow • 19th September 2019 •

Back in the day circa 2010 I said to our ebay account manager that ebay should start a global delivery company. Since then Amazon have done exactly that and now they are looking at taking on Royal Mail and other market leaders! I wonder if they will take on Ryanair or Easyjet one day. Or Premier Inn and Hilton. Any idea on prices and would they integrate with Postage on eBay?

crackerjackcommerce • 19th September 2019 •

How non-linnworks user can sign up for Amazon shipping?

Andrew • 20th September 2019 •

I don't like Linnworks, they are big and greedy! They lure you in to the point at which you can't turn around and then hit you with their price demand.

Dave • 21st September 2019 •

There's no need to have Linnworks to use Amazon Shipping Linnworks aren't even an official partner to Amazon, so not sure why the announcement. Guess this is them trying to pretend to be, in order to lure people in their net!!

Jack • 4th October 2019 •