ShipStation and Cover Genius team up to offer insurance solution

ShipStation and Cover Genius have announced their team up to provide insurance products for ShipStation’s global network of merchants across the UK, Canada, and Australia ahead of the wider rollout.

In partnering with Cover Genius, ShipStation will be leveraging customer-centric insurance solutions that protect their merchants against loss, damage, and re-shipment of items both internationally and domestically.

The partnership between ShipStation and Cover Genius will be the first of its kind, end-to-end insurance solution that offers standardised policy benefits and claims handling experience for any carrier globally.

The global agreement makes Cover Genius the exclusive partner for multiple geographies including the UK, Canada and Australia and will provide coverage for millions of shipments every year. Where merchants were previously forced to wait up to 30 days to make a claim, the partnership gives ShipStation’s merchants the ability to make claims and receive payments instantly with an automated process for loss notification and declaration of value.

“Providing a customer-centric insurance solution with standardized protection across multiple countries and currencies was critical to our expansion into new markets. Cover Genius’ technology gives each of our merchants a seamless customer experience all the way from protecting the customer shipment through easily processing a claim.”
– John Kinny, general manager, ShipStation.

“Cover Genius is dedicated to putting the customer at the center of the insurance experience as demonstrated by our NPS of positive 65, and we’re thrilled to partner with ShipStation who clearly share our commitment to creating outstanding customer experiences. Our insurance policies protect the customers of the world’s largest online businesses, and we are happy to include ShipStation in our global network of partners who get to leverage our end-to-end insurance solution that delivers world-beating NPS.”
– Angus McDonald, co-founder and chief executive officer, Cover Genius.

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