Amazon Storefronts win 250 million sales for US SMEs

A year ago, Amazon launched Amazon Storefronts in the US, a new store for customers to shop exclusively from US small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon.

At launch, customers could browse a curated collection of over one million products, and deals from nearly 20,000 US small and medium-sized businesses and in the past year this has grown to over 2.5 million products from nearly 30,000 companies. It covers a variety of product categories, ranging from Home & Kitchen, Lawn & Gardening, Electronics, Beauty & Grooming, Pet Supplies, Handmade Artisan products, and more.

In the last twelve months, US small and medium-sized businesses with products in Amazon Storefronts have sold more than 250 million items to more than 70 million unique customers.

Amazon Storefronts features

  • Curated American Collections

    Customers will enjoy shopping from more than 25 product categories to discover unique items from US innovators, artisans, entrepreneurs and more, including products like a matching Halloween pajama set for the family, wooden name puzzles and protein sandwich cookies.

  • Storefront of the Week

    Each week the store will highlight a featured US business through a fun video to help introduce the many faces and types of businesses that customers are shopping from on Amazon Storefronts.

  • Meet the Business Owner

    Rotating exploratory feature that profiles U.S. small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon. At launch, customers can learn and browse more than a dozen businesses that are Family-focused, Artisans, Innovator-Makers and Women-owned Businesses.

The aim is for Amazon to promote an impression that they are a big collection of small businesses.

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