Magento end-of-support dates announced (updated)

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Magento have announced the Magento end-of-support dates that may require merchants to push an update button to a new version to avoid any system and security issues becoming a handicap to the approaching peak season.

Support for Magento Commerce 2.2.x ends on December 31, 2019

Customers still using Magento Commerce 2.2.x should upgrade as soon as possible to the latest iteration of Magento Commerce 2.3 to take advantage of new features and avoid security risks.

PCI compliance for Merchants using Magento Commerce 2.2.0-2.2.9 may be at risk as of November 30, 2019, due to the end of support for PHP 7.1.

Merchants using Magento Commerce 2.2.0-2.2.9 can address this issue by upgrading to the next release of Magento Commerce 2.2 when it becomes available in October 2019.

Please note, however, that due to the scheduled end of support for all versions of Magento Commerce 2.2 on December 31, Adobe strongly recommends merchants update directly to the latest version of Magento Commerce 2.3.

Merchants who have questions regarding this announcement should contact Magento Customer service using one of the options provided on the Magento Contact Information Page.

Magento 1 Reminder

For users who are still using the Enterprise or Open Source version of Magento 1, the company plans to stop providing security updates in June 2020.

After this holiday season is over, merchants on Magento 1 should look at possible alternative options for their web stores, including upgrading to Magento Commerce 2.3.

While the open-source community may still provide some updates and help beyond the June 2020 end-of-support date, there is a risk in running software that no longer is officially supported.

“As eCommerce retailers get ready for Black Friday and Christmas, they shouldn’t be wasting time and money fixing the plumbing. By forcing retailers to migrate by a strict December date, Magento is taking their focus away from investment, growth and innovation. More importantly, they are testing retailers’ trust and loyalty. Something that is invaluable in such a competitive landscape.

“This isn’t the first time users have been given a cut off date. Magento 1 will also become unsupported by June 2020. Yet these retailers don’t have the option to simply upgrade; Magento 2 is a completely new platform. Those remaining loyal to Magento will have to completely throw away their existing website after months, or years, of ongoing maintenance. Building a new website and moving products, customers, orders and sales data across is not only expensive but also time-consuming.

“Security is another factor for retailers to contend with. If merchants don’t upgrade or migrate by set dates, they will be running on unsupported software. This means they could be left vulnerable to security breaches and hacks, as well as flawed functionality at a time when cybercriminals are becoming increasingly opportunistic. The fact that thousands of eCommerce sites could soon be running on unsupported software is essentially a moth to a flame.”
– Mark Adams, vice president, BigCommerce.

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  1. They may just as well be shooting themselves in a foot as most of the sellers I speak with are switching to Shopify, not Magento 2.



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