Webinar: Delivery for Black Friday 2019 in a Post-Brexit World

Start Date:
Wednesday 20th November 2019 - 2:00 pm
End Date:
Wednesday 20th November 2019 - 3:00 pm

With just weeks to go before the UK is finally supposed to leave the EU on the 31st of October, there is still no certainty as to what the situation will be on the 1st of November and what a Post-Brexit World will look like. If you’ve driven on a motorway or even ridden the underground you can hardly have failed to see the Government advertising warning that paperwork for shipments will change on the 1st of November. Currently there are suggestions from the Government, Ireland and the EU that talks will continue right up to the deadline on the 19th, but even if a deal is agreed there is still the tricky question of whether it will pass Parliament or if we’ll be facing yet another impasse.

With that in mind, we are partnering up with global multi-carrier delivery experts GFS to run a post-Breixt webinar at 2pm on Wednesday the 20th of November. We’ll be looking at the latest changes with parcel delivery and returns to EU countries, what cracks have begun to appear in the supply chain, and what you can still do to ensure your delivery is match-fit for Peak.

The webinar is deliberately timed for just after Brexit and just before Black Friday so that we can bring you the very latest advice.

If you are a seller at scale with significant overseas transactions, then this webinar will help you address some key questions:

  • What’s changed with delivery and returns to EU customers?
  • Where did it go wrong?
  • What’s changed with importing stock from EU suppliers?
  • What are the key learnings so far?
  • What are the top tips for making sure delivery is not going to let you down during Peak?

Register today and we’ll ensure you have the very latest information to ensure that your delivery is match-fit for Black Friday 2019 in a Post-Brexit World.

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