Zalando pop-up to mix fashion and art with VR fitting room

Zalando are set to mix fashion and art in their latest pop-up store experience where Spanish consumers will be able to enjoy the virtual reality (VR) fitting room.

The marketplace are planning to debut their pop-store in Madrid in the move aimed to use experiential retail to emotionally connect with the consumer. It’s “a gamble,” Zalando explains the move which will be based on the user experience and social trends. It will see the pure player testing the waters of offline retailing for the first time.

The free to be shop,” which will open its doors to the public on the 3rd of October, adopts a concept of gender neutrality where customers don’t have to be identified by size or gender. Its open space, variable and ephemeral is set to represent freedom as a form of art, featuring stalls with no physical products.

The new concept is designed to create an immersive experience, removing traditional service touch-points consumers grew fatigued of such as the fitting room experience. Zalando pop-up will see shoppers’ bodies scanned as they enter the store to allow them to virtually try on goods from Zalando’s catalogue. The technology will use body mapping projections to accurately determine shoppers’ sizes and tailor to their individual body shapes.

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