Amazon Wines own label Compass Road launched in Germany

Amazon are getting into the own brands Wines and Sprits business with the launch of their Amazon Wines Compass Road vintage in Germany. Described as ‘a selection of simple yet savory wines at affordable prices’, they are available exclusively at

Amazon say that the range will be expanded over time. The price per wine package with six bottles (6 x 0.75 l) is €19.99 euros and Compass Road wines are available to Prime members via free premium shipping.

There are hundreds of Amazon Own Brands and Private Labels, and Compass Road is just the latest addition to the Amazon retail arsenal. The expected range expansion will only happen if Amazon Wines are successful – Amazon have zero tolerance for the Amazon Own Brands which fail to perform and will have no hesitation in pulling the range if it’s not selling. However if it proves to be a success then expect not only for the range to be expanded but for it also start to appear on Amazon’s other EU country sites.

Amazon Wines Compass Road

Pinot Grigio

This elegant wine has a light yellow color with green hues and is characterized by fruity aromas of pears, green apple and citrus fruits.


A balanced wine of dark red color, which intensely smells of black cherry, plum and currant.


In warm golden yellow with a hint of green, the light wine convinces with aromas of pineapple, pears and citrus fruits.

Grenache Rosé

This wine impresses with its shiny salmon pink color. The expressive bouquet produces fine aromas of fresh, red fruits and strawberries.


Pleasantly soft and fruity, this wine is characterized by an intense, dark red color and full-bodied aromas of sour cherries, red berries and blackberries.

Riesling quality wine

This aromatic and balanced wine of light yellow-greenish color delights with complex aromas of peach and green apple.

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Also available on amazon UK, however the price is £35.99 for a case of 6!

Adam Griffiths • 15th November 2019 •