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Jesse Wragg & Eduard Gerritsen, Co-Founders of eCommeleonMany of you will know Jesse Wragg & Eduard Gerritsen, Co-Founders of eCommeleon – before starting eCommeleon, they were both part of the team at InterCultural Elements (ICE); Eduard as a co-founder & managing director, Jesse as head of sales. As part of ICE, Eduard & Jesse bring years of relevant expertise in working with sellers of all sizes to expand into marketplaces around the world.

I interviewed Jesse from eCommeleon to find out more about this new entrant into the marketplace tools segment and – more importantly – to hear how this marketplace expertise is going to be of benefit to Tamebay readers.

Who are eCommeleon?

It’s perhaps better to begin with who are InterCultural Elements, because it’s the expertise honed over the last 12 years of working in the international ecommerce market that we gained the skills to put into this tool. ICE have a number of different services catered towards helping retailers expand into different marketplaces with a real hand-in-glove solution. This means ensuring that translations are done to the highest quality, the very best categories and attributes are allocated to each product, thus increasing the overall data quality of listings and searchability, and therefore sales.

eCommeleon is the result of taking all of that marketplace expertise and putting it into a system which can (as opposed to ICE’s outsource model) be brought in-house and used by everyone from a bedroom seller to an enterprise brand.

So who are eCommeleon? We’re a team of former ICE employees and leaders working together to solve one of the biggest issues in eCommerce; data quality. Our goal is to help you finally understand what it is that the marketplaces actually want from you with the end-game being an end to listing errors.

What does eCommeleon software do?

eCommeleon extracts the rules and requirements from marketplaces and presents this to you in a simple ‘mapping’ screen. This allows you to decide how to create listings for each sales channel. Our “validation” technology then allows you to compare the data you’ve created with what the marketplaces want to see. Amazon wants a 250 character title and you’ve got 251? You’ll get a warning from us so you can fix this before you get an error from Amazon.

In a nutshell, you could (for example) take the data you’re using on Amazon France and map this to sell on Cdiscount and eBay in France. Similarly, you could take the data from your website in the UK, localise it for the US and export a complete FlatFile for

eCommeleon for new users

One of the biggest benefits of eCommeleon is that the marketplace expertise is built in. This means that if you’re hiring international students from the local university to create international listings, this can now be combined with our marketplace knowledge. Similarly, new employees can be onboarded much more quickly as they won’t need to learn complex Excel formulae or how to deal with Amazon’s changing requirements.

eCommeleon core functionalities

eCommeleon has 10 main “mapping” modules which allow you to create, optimise and validate your product listing data before you eventually export an upload-ready file.

These are:
eCommeleon mapping modules

We won’t deny that eCommeleon could be considered a complex tool to get used to, but that’s the nature of the beast when dealing with marketplaces. As any experienced user of ChannelAdvisor or Linnworks can tell you, the benefit of marketplace tools isn’t always simplicity, but functionality. We promise two things – a learning curve at the beginning, and a tool-for-life pretty soon after.

Why did you create eCommeleon

We’ve worked with enough sellers to know most people don’t disagree that the more information (i.e. attributes, item specifics, optimised search terms etc.) you upload to the marketplace with your products, the more likely it is the search algorithms will work in your favour. Nevertheless, it is a time-intensive task to create this information in line with marketplace standards that most people we’ve worked with simply don’t have the resources to add this additional information for most channels, with many of them not even doing it for Amazon. Of course, it’s one thing to do this in your domestic marketplaces or your own language, but doing it for international marketplaces is even more work! It can be hard to justify investing hours of time to optimise data for if you’re not even making any sales on there; even if this is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy!

That’s why Eduard and I founded eCommeleon – to solve this problem for good.

We want you to be able to use one system (instead of having to learn each individual marketplace) to create all of your product listings around the world. Using eCommeleon, you’ll be able to launch new listings onto more channels in less time with higher quality data than ever before.

Supported Platforms

eCommeleon has varying degrees of integration with most of the major marketplaces you’d want to sell on already. The nice thing is that if there’s a channel we aren’t currently integrated with, we don’t need that much time (think days, rather than weeks) to integrate them so we’re happy to receive requests. That said, we’re already live with:

  • Amazon (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, CA, JP, MX, AU)
  • eBay (UK, US, DE, FR, ES, IT, CA, AU)
  • Cdiscount
  • Allegro
  • Walmart
  • TradeMe
  • Google Shopping (UK, DE, FR, IT)
  • Real
  • Mercado Libre
  • Go Sport
  • Worten
  • Galeria

In addition to these channels, you can also create custom templates to (for example) prepare data for your website.

Subscription Costs

Our pricing model is built on the idea of fairness. The more value you receive from the system, the more you’ll pay; but it scales with you through our ‘credit’ system.

eCommeleon Pricing Model

Account Type

Price when paid monthly

Price when paid annually

Number of users

Number of channels

Included monthly credits*


€29/month (per marketplace) 1 1 50


€189/month €179/month Unlimited Unlimited 150

*our credit system is designed to allow you to get the value out of eCommeleon which is suitable for your business. 1 credit enables you to process 1 SKUs on 1 channel. Therefore, you could use your 150 monthly credits (complete model) to prepare data for 50 products on 3 channels, or 150 products on 1 channel. Additional credits can be purchased for as low as €0.01/credit.

Special offer for Tamebay Readers

To enable you to get used to the system, we’ve created a special “marketplace” model, which enables you to have full functionality of eCommeleon for one marketplace channel for just €29/month. This will help you experience the full suite of functionality to decide if the software is for you. We’ll also help you onboard and will offer some free training to help you get started!

In addition to this marketplace model, we’re also offering a 30 day (instead of our standard 14 day) free trial (if you sign up before December 15th) to give you some extra time to see if eCommeleon is for you during the silly season.

To sign up, follow this link and use the promo code “TAMEBAY30”

What’s the future for eCommeleon

As far as “start-ups” go, we’re fortunate in that the business side of things is already well established thanks to our history with ICE. Having recently secured a significant investment in our seed-funding round, we’re now able to really ramp up hiring and will be looking to make some major improvements to the software. This will allow us to maintain the complexity required for our goals, whilst improving the user experience.

In terms of future features, we plan to expand upon a number of the current modules’ abilities, as well as adding more modules to allow you to do even more to your data. In addition to improving functionalities & UX, we intend to onboard new marketplaces to allow users to really take advantage of certain niche channels such as or ManoMano.

What makes eCommeleon different?

Unlike other software focusing on product data, we do not plan to implement any form of listing or order management functionality. This flexibility will mean that you can take advantage of our system whether you’re using ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, PlentyMarkets, Volo, your own system, or only the marketplace back-ends.

How to learn more about eCommeleon

Our website is the obvious first step, though we’d also encourage you to reach out and chat to us about your specific marketplace goals to see how our system can help you. It’s safe to say that with a degree of complexity in the tool, not everyone will need every functionality, so let us help you figure out if, and how, eCommeleon can work for you.

Contact eCommeleon

Company name: eCommeleon GmbH
Company address: Rudolph-Herrmann-Str. 1, 04299, Leipzig, Germany
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 341 8608 1430 (8:00am to 5:00pm GMT/BST)


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