Amazon offers free marketing to US brands who use Amazon Pay

Amazon in the US are offering merchants highly visible exposure on relevant marketing if they add Amazon Pay to their website. Basically, Amazon will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

Whats included in the Roaring 20’s campaign?

  • Spotlight exposure in the relevant newsletter to Amazon customers
  • Exclusive social media promotions across Amazon Pay social channels
  • Inclusion in their Possible with Pay blog series Hero banner take-over on the Amazon Pay website
  • Featured promotion in their webinar series

“By adding Amazon Pay to your site, you’re offering hundreds of millions of Amazon customers a fast and familiar way to shop.”
– AmazonPay

Brands who want to take Amazon up on their campaign will need to fill out a form and wait for an invitation to participate. The payment service must be activated by February 21st for eligibility and invitations will be made at Amazon Pay’s discretion.

Why use Amazon Pay?

By having the payment option available, merchants are giving consumers a streamlined payment experience whilst Amazon continue to amplify their reputation for offering efficiency. Some may question whether brands would want to display a competitors logo on their website but I just see it as giving consumers more reason to buy. Consumers love options, especially from known faces like Amazon.

“Did you know 91% of Amazon Pay users stated that they are either somewhat likely or very likely to use Amazon Pay again if given an opportunity.”
– AmazonPay

In 2017 we wrote on what Amazon’s best growth strategy could have been for their payment service and it’s fair to say they’ve been playing catch up ever since. Trying to recall where I might have seen Amazon Payments is proving difficult but this campaign could very well be part of their plan in getting them recognition through smaller brands, just as PayPal did in their early days.

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amazon is best app to online shopping i got so many products from amazon but now i seen i full adicted this online and offline shopping more offers and discount

krishna • 16th December 2019 •

how can i get the product?? i get QR code only can you tell me.

sandy • 16th December 2019 •

show the QR code in the respective shop and get the product

krishna • 16th December 2019 •

It is very hard to get Amazon shoppers to go anywhere else, so having Amazon pay is maybe a way to attract them. I did sign up for it but like all things Amazon you have to jump through a mass of hoops and the customer support was as useless as you would expect so I gave up.

tyler • 16th December 2019 •

Even I got some issues regarding customers to support that why I change my opinion to its customers support too good.

krishna • 16th December 2019 •