Amazon ruin Christmas with revealing and tainted packaging

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Here we go again… People are turning green and running off to live in a mountain outside of Whoville because Amazon ruin Christmas with their revealing or tainted packaging.

No need for courier stickers to ruin retail packaging or having to tell Children that Santa delivered the toys early so he could have the night off, just ask for Amazon packaging.

Amazon allow customers to decide whether or not they want items shipped in Amazon packaging and the reason is simple, they regularly face complaints over excess packaging and that a relatively small item arrives in a large box with yards of filler. They’ve worked with manufacturers to get products boxed in packages which avoid excess packaging but that also means they simply slap a label on the box and hand it over to the courier. Amazon are in a no-win situation.

How to not let Amazon ruin Christmas

Use Amazon packaging

Customers can choose to package items in generic Amazon packaging. If your order is going to arrive in revealing packaging Amazon will tell you just before you place your order. You can change this via the menu under the product.

Depending on the item, it may be dispatched to you in the manufacturer’s box without additional Amazon packaging. The delivery labels are attached directly to the original box.

You can see whether an item is sent in its original packaging on the Product Detail Page. If you choose an item sold and dispatched by a Marketplace Seller please contact the Seller directly for questions about packaging.

If available for the item, you can mark “Ship in Amazon box” on the checkout page if you don’t want to reveal the contents. If that option is selected the item will be dispatched in an box at no additional cost.

– Amazon Help

Hide your order

Amazon allow customers to hide their orders from potential gift receivers and detail how to do this in their Help section:

To hide an order:

-Go to Your Orders and locate the applicable order.
-Select Hide order.

Hiding orders doesn’t delete orders permanently. It removes them from your default order history view. Hidden items will always show up when you search for them. You can also access hidden orders by visiting Your Account and selecting View Hidden Orders. To restore a hidden order to your default order history view, select Unhide Order.
-Amazon Help

Get Amazon to gift Wrap

Amazon can wrap up or gift bag your items if you wish. You can choose to gift wrap by choosing the ‘add gift’ options below your item before placing the order.

Giftwrapping includes:

-Gift wrap, box or bag appropriate for the item
-Decorative ribbon
-Printed card with your gift message on the top of the package
-The option to share a digital copy of your gift receipt with the recipient, which will be sent upon delivery and will include any personalised gift message
– Amazon Help

Trust Alexa not to blab

Luckily Alexa won’t be giving away any clues as she will not reveal any items likely to be gifts when asked “Where’s my stuff” or to read delivery notifications. If you want to make sure she definitely keeps your secrets or have no reason to need the feature you can change the settings in the app. Items marked as gifts will never be revealed.

How Merchants can avoid ruining Christmas

If you’re sending out items that could be last minute Christmas gifts package them without revealing the contents. It might even help to avoid packaging in boxes that reveal your brand, especially if your brand reveals the item I.E. Candles.

In conclusion, It’s not likely Amazon ruin Christmas on purpose, they give consumers so many options to not do so.


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