eBay help Chinese auto parts sellers sell to the west

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Earlier this December, the 15th Frankfurt Shanghai International Auto Parts, Repair, Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment and Automotive Supplies Fair was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center and eBay had a massive stand there designed to attract and assist Chinese auto parts sellers sell to the west.

The exhibition attracted more than 6,000 companies from 18 countries and regions. Exhibitors consisted of a large number of leading auto parts companies and brands. As the only cross-border export ecommerce platform to participate in, eBay has attracted high-quality Chinese auto parts sellers to launch their “Lighthouse Program” exhibition procurement activities.

As well as Chinese auto parts sellers, sellers from Thailand and Malaysia also joined the eBay “Lighthouse Program” international purchasing group. The “Lighthouse Plan” aims to help sellers connect with high-quality product resourcess, optimize the supply chain, and unlock the path for Chinese auto and motorcycle parts brands to ports. It will help Chinese auto parts sellers and motorcycle parts manufacturers to transform and expand international markets.

According to eBay data, the top three destination markets for China’s auto and motorcycle parts market are the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Other countries are of particular interest include Italy which has around 6.7 million scooters, so parts for these is a key market for Chinese auto parts sellers to export to. As cross-border ecommerce logistics continues to develop and mature, the trend of ecommerce development in the automotive aftermarket is becoming an ever more attractive proposition for Chinese auto parts sellers in the same way that we’ve seen them move into consumer electronics and fashion.

If you are an auto parts seller, expect to see a rise in the number of Chinese auto parts sellers competing with you in the near future and expect them to obsess over data. They’ll be optimising their listings to the nth degree and will be fully completing all fitment data with images and descriptions tailored for each market. As a domestic seller, you still hold the advantage from a delivery speed perspective, but this might be less critical for buyers when considering car cleaning products and upgrade components compared to replacement parts for repairs. You’ll also have an advantage with consumers knowing that parts from the UK meet all the requisite safety standards, but without a doubt Chinese auto parts sellers will be able to compete keenly when it comes to price.

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  1. As someone who sells “parts on ebay”. This is rather worrying news for certain group of products for small sellers. Think of items like car badges – the Chinese will eat their UK based competitors for breakfast. Ebay will do anything just to earn their bucks.

  2. eBay continue along their suicidal path.
    I do not buy electrical/electronic goods on eBay anymore, because I have received so many fake/faulty/dangerous items from Chinese sellers (especially those pretending to be located in the UK).
    Recently, I purchased a hub/bearing unit for a Toyota on eBay, from what turned out to be a suspect source. I fitted it (yes, I know what I am doing) and took it for MOT. The bearing had collapsed on the 5 mile journey to the testing station.
    Lesson learned – never again.
    The problem is when a customer buys dangerous rubbish from some dodgy Chinese seller, they tell their mates that they bought it on eBay (not a criminal in China) – so all sellers are grouped together and eBay sinks further in the buying public’s view.
    As genuine sellers of quality products based in Europe and UK, leave eBay because of unfair competition, sponsored by eBay, the site will end up with its well deserved reputation as the go-to place for cheap junk.

  3. The Chinese imports have already killed ebaymotors. I got out of brake pads completely. Tie rods and ball joints I used to get $25 now sell for $10 if they sell at all. Same thing for ignition parts. $35 switches now sell for $10. The Chinese get access to parts compatibility that is available to everyone as well. The only think I can do is focus on the pictures. I NEVER use the stock photos. Luckily I most deal with vintage parts.

  4. Another way for eBay to screw the American seller and buyer. Let the Chinese seller put fake cheap illegal inferior auto parts on eBay!
    Be Safe Buy American!

  5. Perfect no liability insurance. It’s just want I look for when i fit parts to my car !

    Thanks eBay for making my dreams come true !

  6. We don’t need more Chinese sellers on eBay! eBay, PLEASE listen up! This will screw American sellers and buyers. Please don’t allow Chinese sellers to sell fake, cheap, and highly inferior auto parts on eBay.

    eBay in general is congested with Chinese sellers. It’s getting more and more difficult to search for items from AMERICAN sellers.

    We need to band together and buy/sell only official OEM parts in America!


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