Get Brexit Done – What happens on the 31st January 2020

Get Brexit Done is the slogan that won the Conservatives a landslide majority in the House of Commons and helped punish Labour with their poorest results since the days of Michael Foot. But now it’s time for reality, what does Get Brexit Done really mean and how will it impact you, four weeks into the New Year, when we return to work in 2020?

There is little doubt now that the Transition Deal renegotiated by Boris Johnson will be implemented both here in the UK and in the EU by the 31st of January. Boris has his majority and all MPs standing for the Conservative Party signed up to the deal before standing for election. There’s little doubt that the EU want to avoid a No Deal Brexit in just under 7 weeks’ time and they too will ratify the deal. The only way the deal could realistically be held up is with amendments in the Ping Pong between the Commons and the Lords, but having stood on passing the deal in the Conservative Manifesto the Lords are unlikely to torpedo it and the Commons can vote down any amendments from the Lords that they don’t like.

31st January 2020 – the UK leaves the EU and enters the Transition Period

That leaves the UK officially leaving the EU on the 31st of January in it’s entirety – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Much as many in the UK would prefer to stay, with the election result no party can now stand in the way of the Conservatives delivering on the referendum and there will be no more talk of ‘Confirmatory Referendums’ or the public not knowing what they voted for. That won’t be a popular opinion for many, including not just ardent remainers but also the now virtually defunct Lib Dems and the ever stronger SNP, but the election has removed any obstacles that they could put in the way and, after three and a half years of blocking manoeuvres, those who fought valiantly to stop Brexit have run out of options.

Importantly on the 1st of February 2020 nothing will change for online sellers insofar as selling to the EU goes. This will be the first day of the Transition – a period of time during which all of the current rules stay the same allowing the UK and the EU to negotiate their future relationship and that is due to last until the 31st of December 2020.

It will be too late to change our minds

After the 31st of January 2020, there will be no point in any further calls for referendums or other lobbying to cancel Brexit. Even though we will be trading on the same terms as today until the end of the year, we will have officially left the EU and the only way to rejoin will be to apply to become a member from scratch. The UK would need to satisfy the requisite conditions to gain approval of the European Council, Commission and Parliament, under Article 49 of the Lisbon Treaty.

This will be a time to lobby for the best possible future trade agreement with the EU and doubtless, all of the political parties, bit business and small businesses including online sellers will have their views on what will be best for their businesses and for them personally, their families, their children and their future grandchildren.

30th of June 2020 – Last chance for a Transition Period Extension

June will be the next key Brexit date as this is the last chance for the UK to request an extension to the transition period which could be for one or two years. Boris Johnson has stated that he has no intention of requesting an extension so one might think it reasonable that the bare bones of a deal should ideally be in place by June.

There are three options available to the UK at this point:
1) A stripped down deal with the EU covering the bare minimum
2) A comprehensive deal with the EU which many are saying would take years to negotiate. If the Government wants to rush this through then it’s likely the EU would make serious demands in their favour in order to expedite it.
3) A No Deal Brexit on the 31st December 2020

31st December 2020

Unless an extension to the transition period is requested by June 2020, the 31st of December 2020 will be the date that the transition deal expires and the UK will move to trading on WTO terms or, more preferably, a new Free Trade Agreement with the EU will come into force.

We’ll naturally be updating on Brexit progress in 2020 as the situation becomes clearer. Get Brexit Done may have been the slogan that won the election, but it’s by no means a process that ends on the 31st of January 2020. Far from Get Brexit Done, its more like start to get Brexit done.

Key Conservative Manifesto Get Brexit Done Pledges

The Conservative Manifesto states both their aims for the Brexit Timetable and the future relationship with the EU

  • We will start putting our deal through Parliament before Christmas and we will leave the European Union in January
  • We will keep the UK out of the single market, out of any form of customs union, and end the role of the European Court of Justice
  • We will not extend the implementation period beyond December 2020

The future relationship with the EU will be one that allows us to:

  • Take back control of our laws.
  • Take back control of our money.
  • Control our own trade policy.
  • Introduce an Australian-style points-based immigration system.
  • Raise standards in areas like workers’ rights, animal welfare, agriculture and the environment.
  • Ensure we are in full control of our fishing waters.
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Roll on the 1st Feb!

tyler • 16th December 2019 •

Of course there was a referendum but it was based on LIES and LIARS who just want to turn the UK into a laughing stock of the world NIGEL FARAGE BORIS JOHNSON MICHAEL GOVE ETC I HOPE THIS BAD DEAL IS REJECTED AND PUT ANOTHER LAW IN TO PREVENT NO DEAL SO PUT IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE OR REVOKE

Sabato • 19th December 2019 •

I fear it might be a bit late for a law to block Brexit.... the election put an end to that :o

Chris Dawson • 19th December 2019 •

Sabato - what election / politics isn't based on lies? In the last election we had a labour government promising to give away money like it is Christmas every day. A frankly dishonest Jeremy Corbyn promising (and lying) to a electorate about things that aren't feasible. The only people agreeing with him were some (not all) academics (who have no idea how to make money). Yet labour got 10 million votes.

James • 19th December 2019 •

And the remain campaign was based on pure, 100% truth was it?

Keith • 19th December 2019 •

Stones and glass houses spring to mind. What about the recession and job losses we were told would have happened by now by the remain camp? Do those lies not count? Incidentally, saying those who wanted to leave the EU want the UK to be a laughing stock, is also a lie. You might think that will be the inevitable outcome, but they certainly don't, meaning you've just lied about their motivation. So it seems everyone is lying. But as always, only the ones told by your political opponents actually count as bad.

Gav • 19th December 2019 •


Michael Hasted • 21st December 2019 •

Too right. It's not over yet because the breach of electoral law is still being investigated by the Met police and will be exposed officially soon enough.

Bob M • 4th January 2020 •

I'll be out on friday 31st January 2020, celebrating Independence Day?????????????????????

Keith • 19th December 2019 •

At the end of the shift no matter what any politician says the poor will remain poor the "working poor" will remain the working poor that is just above the level to get any form of benefit so all their wages are spent on bills, the middle and rich class will also stay the same having the money to give themselves freedom to do what they like sum up - nothing changes for anyone

Steve • 20th December 2019 •

@Steve People can change their own lives, but they need to want to do it and then put the effort in.

tyler • 21st December 2019 •

@steve "nothing changes for anyone" not so plenty of success stories out there

jim • 20th December 2019 •

Your surname is not Ratcliffe by any chance? Now there's an example of social mobility. From council estate to Mr Rich. It happens. Not to that extreme usually, but people rise and fall in life. They always have. Just thinking back to people from school, off the top of my head I can remember one lad from a pretty poor background who went on to either Oxford or Cambridge. And the reverse happens too. Kids with everything lose the plot, mix in the wrong circles, go into downward spirals, where the bottom isn't a lower socio-economic group, it's death or jail. Or maybe none of that happens and steveo is right.... Nah.

Gav • 20th December 2019 •

@keith wrong flag ??

jim • 20th December 2019 •

Hurray for Brexit! It's not as if the British hate Europe but hate the bureaucratic organisation they call The EU. The sooner this latter-day Roman Empire is dismantled the better

Soulboy • 20th December 2019 •

Get over it remainers, it's happened, yes!!!

Ray • 20th December 2019 •

The remainers couldn’t stand that majority of people voted leave in this democratic country, Yet for three and a half years they said it was not democratic for them as they wanted to stay in Eu . They had there chance to alter the outcome of election they wanted, and WOW !! They lost again to leavers. Well to all the fools who wanted to remain please sod off to a European country for a few years, as soon that will crumble as did the last dictatorship that tried to control Europe. See Ya but bet you come a crawling back

Taff • 21st December 2019 •

Delusional to think EU are not the puppet masters ,they will just be pulling the strings in another way

Jim • 22nd December 2019 •

The UK population have fallen victim to fake news and beliefs that the EU is "a dictatorship" that is "after their money" and wants to force "immigrants" on them. Whereas the truth is that the EU is union of states that promote trade and by working together the EU can achieve more and can be a force to reckon with in today's world. Which, alone, the 28 nations, including Britain, cannot. It is a proven fact that internet trolls originating from Russia have used Facebook and Twitter to brainwash the British people into believing that the EU is "bad". A simplicity that even most of the lower classes in Britain can understand. Because they have to blame someone for their predicament. Tabloids like the Sun and Daily Mail, who have no qualms with lies, did the same, because blaming oneself for British problems is much more difficult than blaming another. The cost for the EU will be substantial, but for the UK the divorce will be an economic disaster. Things will not change overnight, but gradually the economic ties between the EU and Britain will be cut loose. London will no longer be the economic hub it is today and companies will leave the British isles in droves. Ultimately the British people will understand they have been conned, but at the expense of a lot more austerity then they are faced with today.

Piet Janssen • 22nd December 2019 •

@Piet Janssen In time you may be proved right or we may forever celebrate our release from the EU as we grow stronger. Only time will tell! In the meantime you just come across as another moaning loser with a negative attitude, which is what has caused the last 3 years of misery and confusion. Happy Christmas....

tyler • 25th December 2019 •

Hahaha lol. SPOKEN like a true NON brit! Just like with the Election in the USA Russia had nothing to do with Internet trolls spending a tenner on adverts to sway the election, get a grip will you and get your head out of the BBC the Guardian etc for goodness sakes it's brainwashing you! Trust me when I say this we are well aware thay the EU is full of unelected beaurocrats who only have their own pay cheques and that of the rich in mind, like George conning Nazi soros! With a name like yours you no doubt sip champagne or perhaps something only the elites favour but without the working class minnions doing the graft the elites would crumble entirely. The working class and the normal people want Britain back, we want British laws for British people not laws that favour only minorities and those of a certain religion. I could go on and type so much but I've got 1% of my point across and if that means you understand from this British people want their Britain back! You go crumble with Germany and the other crumbling nations of the EU and we will see who can truly be the economic power house of Europe and if you come crawling to Britain for your royalties!

Dick Harrington • 5th January 2020 •

Sabato you are as daft as Corbyn and all remainers who still can’t see the British people have had enough you lost in a referendum three and a half years ago, and still after an election , were even more people voted for the party to see us out once and for all from the EU . You are delusional as was other political parties trying to keep us in a corrupt regime. Thank God for Johnson who has heard the people speak and get us out , we never voted to join the common market or this EU . We are our own masters , many fought for democracy if you don’t like it leave

Taff • 22nd December 2019 •

Piet Jansen. The EU is not about trade and industry but political union. Our late PM Ted Heath who got us into this mess said so before he died. He lied then died. The traitor.

Soulboy Gabicci • 24th December 2019 •

I live in Europe (Spain) and have followed the Brexit saga since day one. My conclusion is that the citizens of the UK have been brainwashed by both politians and media. What will happen on the 1st of Feburary is anybody's guess. I fear for my countrymen because the overall impression is that they haven't the foggiest idea what leaving the EU will be. Every single person will be affected one way or another. Sad days ahead. Not only for the UK but for the EU.

James G. Skinner • 26th December 2019 •

@James G. Skinner That makes you a very sad person! Like many others that voted remain you wish to label all those that did not vote the way you wanted as idiots and having been brainwashed. Others would lay claim that these people are visionary, they can see what you can not, like many great entrepreneurs and inventors without whom we would not be able to fly or have reached the moon. The saga you speak of was the cause of all the "scared" people that have made a total mess of the UK leaving by trying to stop it, the "sore losers". In life there is an easy way of doing something or the hard way, needless to say the easy way is the best solution for all. By choosing the hard way it has meant we are now on a tight timeline and I am sure things will get a little bumpy, but not on the 1st February unless we leave without a deal. No worry for you though, you can remain in the EU comfort zone, but please don't fear for us, whatever may happen, we are British and will survive.

tyler • 28th December 2019 •

No corbyn is what will happen the UK has avoided disaster

Jim • 28th December 2019 •

Has it Jim?? irrespective of Brexit we now have an acknowledged liar leading a cabinet of more known liars & yes men backed and financed by big money with propaganda spread by the likes of the Daily Mail. I'm no fan of Jeezer but the thought of what will happen to the prospects of my family due to the lies of Billy Boris past, present & future, worries me.

Steve P • 29th December 2019 •

@Steve It would seem that the opposition supporters always have a very different view on lies told by their own MP's. MP's lie, you say your not a big fan of Jeezer, not many are hence the appalling election results, what was it you were not a big fan of, his lies or where they acceptable? What about the lies told by Labour during their time as ruling government, where they acceptable to you? Or is it just when Tory MP's tell lies that it bothers you?

tyler • 29th December 2019 •

"what was it you were not a big fan of, his lies or where they acceptable? What about the lies told by Labour during their time as ruling government, where they acceptable to you? Or is it just when Tory MP’s tell lies that it bothers you?" You see here's where we agree to disagree. I do not believe that it is acceptable for ANY politician to lie. I do expect any politician to try and dodge / evade / talk around duck a question but I do not expect them to stand up and outright LIE.. Jeezer is many things, evasive is deffo one but you know, I have never heard him lie in an interview. Sadly the labour party has been sacrificed to "HIS" principles but ust think what a different result that car crash Andrew Neil interview might have been if Corbyn had said how sorry he was about anti-semitism on the first ask.. At least he had the cojones to be interviewed which is more than can be said about our gutless prime minister. When Andrew Neil gave his statement after the "Farage Interview" calling him a gutless coward to the nation's face, for some obscure reason that didn't seem to make the front pages of the Mail, Express, Times & Telegraph. and just for the record I've always had socialist leanings but I only joined the labour party the other year to try to vote Jeezer out.

Steve P • 29th December 2019 •

obviously voters decided corbyns" truth" was worse than Johnston's lies

jim • 30th December 2019 •

@Steve P I don't actually consider it ok for MP's to lie, so I am not sure what we are agreeing to disagree on. I accept MP's lie because I would be a fool to pretend otherwise, much the same as MP's only being in it for the power and themselves rather than the people they serve. I don't think that refusing to be interviewed by the media is "gutless", the media seem to think they can control everything and have a right to know the "in & out" of everything and anything they want. They are a circus with only one aim, to promote themselves. Who would really want to be part of that? You on the other hand feel that should somebody not dance to their tune they are gutless? That is laughable, especially as you had already claimed you would expect any politician to try and dodge / evade / talk around duck a question, so why not an interview where they can be put on the spot? Corbyn on the other hand was after as much media attention as he could get, desperate to try and win votes, Boris was better at manipulating the press for his own aim. Throughout his campaign Corbyn made it his mission to try and belittle both Boris & the Conservative party and did so at every chance he could get, that is not the way to win votes. Most of his promises were in fantasyland or just plain lies impossible to achieve, which people could not believe in. Did Andrew Neil's interview not expose some of the Labour lies? I have no particular political leanings, I voted Conservative due to wanting Corbyn not to get in. I would not have chosen Boris to be PM but we only have the candidates available at the time to choose from. And I wanted Brexit to move forward. There was so much wrong with the Labour manifesto, even their promise to reverse Margaret Thatcher's right to buy policy (which I thought totally wrong) should have been done when Labour took control in 1997, but no, they choose to keep selling them for another 10 years to boost the Governments pocket, despite saying at the time they would reverse it. Lets not forget "The Labour Party initially proposed the idea of the right of tenants to own the house they live in, in their manifesto for the 1959 general election". In September Labour were also planning the right to buy of tenants from private landlords, which could have effected 1,000's of ordinary "working class" people who invested for their pensions. So now we have Boris who is aiming to get Brexit done and we have 5 years to see if he has the balls to do the job or not. Everybody whinging and wining will not change that.

tyler • 30th December 2019 •

The result of the election was a triumph for democracy. Ignoring and vilifying the majority that voted to leave in the referendum was never going to end well for those that dislike democracy. The majority of voters in the UK respect democracy. Unlike some of our anti democratic parties for whom the word 'democrats' should be removed along with the obscenities on their ridiculous T shirts.

andy • 28th December 2019 •

I agree about Corbyn. Hopefully the Socialists will clean their sewer and go back to democracy. We have the opposite in Spain. New government is 'hard left' run by Bolivarian Revolutionists (Venezuela style).

James G. Skinner • 29th December 2019 •

Says a lot when durham pit villages failed to vote for labour Decent honest hard working folk, unassuming salt of the earth people The backbone of. british society

Jim • 29th December 2019 •

What will happen to England in the European euro zone come 1 feb 2020.

Martin clay cy • 30th December 2019 •

It will still be at the same latitude and longitude as before. Don’t worry, it won’t float away........ Happy New Year ?

Jonah • 31st December 2019 •

All remainers are losers that can’t accept the democratic decision taken by the majority. The people who voted for brexit have won. Get over it sad sacks and if you all love Europe so much apply for citizenship on the continent. We’ll wave you goodbye!

Stephen W • 1st January 2020 •

@Stephen It was not about winning or losing and not all remainers are losers, a lot of them did respect the result and some even voted in the last election to ensure brexit happened. The losers you speak of are not those that voted remain and respected the result but the ones that would not accept a democratic result when it did not go the way they wanted. It is their attitude that makes them losers, not the way they voted.

tyler • 1st January 2020 •

Well I've read all this and yes ww2 was over 75 years ago but not so in the past. I can give each and every German 6.6 million reasons why they cannot be trusted yet and until they can be trusted I cannot trust the EU either. Fact, the EU have just lost the jewel in their crown and any respect and reputation will be list now the UK has left.

peter darlison • 1st January 2020 •

Bigoted racist dribble You Cant blame the living for the sins of the past

Jim • 2nd January 2020 •

@peter darlison - Could you translate your comment into English please?

Robin • 2nd January 2020 •