eBay introducing simplified pricing options for boats and more in US


From January 2020, it will be faster and easier to list vehicles in Other Vehicles & Trailers, Boats and Powersports on eBay Motors due to simplified pricing packages.

Earlier this year eBay announced that they were creating simplified package pricing for items in the Cars & Trucks and Motorcycles catagories and now they are helping keep things simple and efficient for more sellers by adding the option for further vehicle categories.

The price, features and packages available will depend on how many items you wish to sell and are detailed below.

Simplified pricing options for six items or less

If six or fewer vehicles are listed during the year sellers will be able to select from three pricing options which include bundles of features for auction and fixed price listings.

For Other Vehicles & Trailers and Boats:

For Powersports:

Simplified pricing options include listing upgrade features (such as the reserve price and gallery plus features in the Premium option) in an all-inclusive fee.

Simplified pricing options for more than six items

From January 2020, high volume sellers who list more than 6 vehicles a year in the Other Vehicles & Trailers, Boats, and Powersports categories will be able to purchase the Premium option for $95 for auction and fixed price listings. this Premium option will include the insertion fee plus feature upgrades listed below.

  • Auction

    Auction is best when you’re not sure how much your automobile could sell for.
    $95.00 fee (Includes features: 24 photos, Gallery plus, Auction up to 10 days duration, unlimited reserve price, Add ‘Buy It Now’, Bold title and subtitle.)

  • Fixed Price

    Fixed price is best when you know how much you want to get.
    $95.00 fee (Includes features: 24 photos, Gallery plus, Up to 30 days duration, Bold title and subtitle.)

The Premium package option will be available to high volume vehicle sellers in the Other Vehicles & Trailers, Boats, and Powersports categories for both auction and fixed price listing formats.


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