Amazon customers unhappy over Christmas

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A record 6.4% of Amazon customers have had a negative experience over the Christmas period when buying from third-party merchants Marketplace Pulse reports.

More than half a million of the 8.5 million feedback reviews left by Amazon customers worldwide over Christmas were negative. The US, UK, Germany and Japan were below the 6.4% figure and other international marketplaces such as Brazil, Spain and India were double that. In the US the figure stood at 5.6% and in India negative reviews were a staggering 14.3%.

Christmas is a massive time for gift purchasing and leaving feedback is entirely optional. If we consider the amount of customers that bought items last minute it might not be surprising that those who have had negative experiences were quicker to let you know that Christmas had been ruined. On the other hand customers who were pleased with their purchases probably rushed back to the buzz of Christmas without leaving any feedback at all.

Negative reviews included complaints about receiving incorrect or fake items and of late or non-existent deliveries. I for one was expecting to receive an item on Christmas Eve but when it never turned up I was assured by an Amazon rep that it would arrive on Boxing Day. Turns out the item was lost in transit and never did get delivered.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Christmas brings a rise in negative reviews across many online platforms as customers realise their items wont be delivered on time but Amazon try to avoid disappointment by setting clear deadlines, letting customers know whether or not their items will arrive before or after Christmas. However, Amazon struggle to keep promises on items fulfilled by merchants who don’t use the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service. Fulfilment by Amazon is a paid-for service which fulfils sellers’ products. Sellers can store their products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres, where staff packs, ships, and provides customer service for these products.

Amazon had previously removed negative feedback for items that used the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service as any issues were considered out of the control of the seller. In 2019 this was stopped and negative feedback has since risen.

Amazon is a very successful marketplace working hard to improve customer satisfaction but still struggle to keep everyone happy.

3 Responses

  1. How can we believe any of this beyond personal and peer group experiences when Amazon do not display their own feedback specifically on shipping issues

  2. @tyler I think we are on same bandwidth ?

    “Amazon may hide their own metrics but when it comes to Delivery by Amazon for FBA items it clearly shows there is delivery problems, which would be the same problems that Amazon have selling their own items.”

    Problem is when Amazon bid for other parts of the UK delivery networks they will still convince the general public the fault all lies with 3rd party sellers?


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