Amazon Netherlands marketplace opens for merchants to register their businesses

Amazon Netherlands marketplace

Amazon are to take on, the biggest retailer in the Netherlands, with the full launch of the Amazon Netherlands marketplace, making physical product categories available to Dutch customers later this year. If you want to jump the gun and be first onboard to sell to customers in the Netherlands you can now register your business to sell on FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) will also be available for sellers who wish to take advantage.

“We are really excited to be launching a more comprehensive shopping experience on Selection, value and convenience are the key drivers of our retail experience for Amazon customers and Dutch businesses play a critical role in delivering that. We are pleased to bring the opportunity for Dutch businesses, small and large, to sign up to sell on and reach a bigger audience, both at home and abroad, increasing the selection available for our Dutch customers.”
– Alex Ootes, Vice President EU Expansion, Amazon

The Amazon Netherlands marketplace will be their sixth in Europe (not counting Turkey which is half in Europe), alongside the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. You probably have served Dutch customers as since 2016 they’ve been able to purchase in the Dutch language on Amazon Germany. If you are already selling on other Amazon EU marketplaces there seems little reason why you wouldn’t sell on the Amazon Netherlands marketplace – we fully expect multi-channel management partners to start announcing support in the near future.

Amazon point out that more than half of all items purchased on Amazon globally are sold by selling partners around the world. Across Europe, small and medium-sized companies exported over €6.9 billion worth of goods in 2018 through Amazon.

“We are thrilled to take the next step to grow our business in the Netherlands. Today we are announcing that we will expand later this year, offering our Dutch customers a larger and wider selection of products. We are just getting started, but we are optimistic that by focusing on the things we believe customers will value most – low prices, vast selection and fast delivery – we will earn the trust of customers in the Netherlands over time.”
– Roeland Donker, Country Manager Benelux

Amazon history in the Netherlands

Amazon has been serving customers in the Netherlands for years. Amazon’s presence in the country goes back to 2013 when Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its first Development Center in The Hague, followed by an AWS office in 2015. In November 2014, Amazon launched an ebook shop on

Since 2016, many Dutch-speaking customers have been shopping for physical products on the Dutch language experience on and in 2017, Amazon launched the Prime membership program in the Netherlands. Since then, customers have been able to sign up for Amazon Prime and enjoy fast and free delivery for millions of products, unlimited streaming of Prime Video, access to free games and loot with Twitch Prime and free, unlimited storage with Amazon Photos.

In 2018, Amazon opened a new office in Amsterdam. Since then Dutch-speaking Prime members have also enjoyed thousands of great deals during Prime Day on In 2018 Amazon also offered the iDeal payment method for the first time.

Will you be registering to sell on the Amazon Netherlands marketplace? If not, what’s holding you back?

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Costs, Amazon poor seller support and general legislative issues such as labelling, tax, returns, refunds and increasing EU rules means its almost impossible to make money on European Amazon sites as a UK seller. We have been doing it for 6 years and we are now winding down all our Amazon operations. including the UK after doing a proper cost analysis on doing business with Amazon its shockingly expensive.

Brett • 15th January 2020 •

Around 35% we find, add 20% VAT and that is a massive 55% before you as a seller have even made a profit. Let's not get into corporation tax and so forth and the massive Chinese VAT fraud that has hammered prices to basically cost price. Online Retail For Domestic Sellers Certainly looks Bleak !

ifellow • 15th January 2020 •

We recently came to the same conclusion with selling on from our eBay stores. If one goes by the UK rules and pays taxes etc then the margins are so tiny it's hard to make a living. I actually wonder if our competitors who constantly pursue winning the race to bottom have done the maths. (I know they could have cheaper suppliers but still).

NorthCrystal • 15th January 2020 •

Hello I completely agree we have just 10 items left on Amazon and will be finished with them by March and thank goodness it was such a relief when we decided but the nail in the coffin for us was when we did a few pop up shops and made more in 3 weeks than on Amazon for a year. I have completely lost trust in Amazon there support is laughable and the amount of false items and items misrepresented by sellers from overseas is astounding and Amazon appear to support the perpetrators of fraud and Mis- selling and abuse whilst punishing the victims it’s a strange and slightly weird mentality. Just take a look at poor Kika and her case.

Billy • 15th January 2020 •

Yes, the Kika case was a telltale, rather than support her or offer a job, they kicked her out because they thought she was gaining too much power and could be a threat to Amazon. I just don't get it!

ifellow • 16th January 2020 •

It's not 'poor Kika'. She monopolised the forum and called anyone who disagreed with her a 'troll' and claimed abuse. She was obsessed with the forum & people to an unhealthy extent. Even now she is protesting outside amazon's offices hoping to 'see the moderators on the way to work' She needs someone to look after her and assess her mental health. Please dont encourage her.

Susan • 16th January 2020 •

Good bye Amazon. After years of success we have decided to kiss Amazon goodbye! Why you may wonder? Well the service, support and lack of help is what has pushed us to no longer depend on the big bully- that is Amazon. They have helped those who are mis selling whilst not helping those who go by the book. Like many who will not say this- amazon is far from amazing

Andy Richards • 16th January 2020 •

Curious to know where the ex Amazon sellers are flocking to continue selling their goods? Genuine question

Freddy • 16th January 2020 •

Im personally not selling anywhere new, but simply decided to give back warehouse space and cut costs doing so. As the stock wasn't really even making any money. So no point in paying to store it. Warehousing in the UK isn't exactly cheap! I will be cutting my warehousing by about 50% and whilst i will save money, I cant see it damaging profits as said before, those products are a waste of time and generate none. In fact when we include warehousing and other costs, we loose money.

ifellow • 17th January 2020 •

With the time I save not packing those orders and worrying about terrible margins I can go to the gym, and not be depressed all the time. Plus if I need to I could get a part-time job, even at minimum wage, id be better off than selling and warehousing breakeven or loss-making stocks.

ifellow • 17th January 2020 •

Btw Those type of products are dominated and prices kept low by the Chinese, so no as people like me drop out, you won't see an amazing uplift in profit. But you can probably expect to carry on but working harder and turn over more for a loss. Great for the VAT man, and the marketplaces but of no real benefit to the seller, whos doing a lot of the work and taking ALL THE RISK !

ifellow • 17th January 2020 •