BigCommerce prepares merchants for international growth with multi-currency features

Multi-Currency Features

Following news of their partnership with Barclaycard, BigCommerce have just announced the launch of a suite of multi-currency features, enabling merchants to present, transact and settle purchases in over 100 international currencies. The move will aid both merchants and consumers experiences of cross-border operations by providing localised shopping solutions for international customers.

Brands and online marketplaces are quickly adapting to the rapid growth of cross-border commerce, many consumers expect merchants to allow them to pay using their local currency and a worldwide study conducted by PayPal found that 76 percent of online shoppers prefer to have the option to pay for purchases in either their local or preferred currency. Even if the availability of such isn’t expected, the convenience and bliss of a consumer being able to pay in their own currency is a sure winner for business.

“In today’s global ecosystem, merchants not only need to have the technical ability to sell in new markets, but also provide international shoppers with a familiar, localized experience,”

“BigCommerce’s enterprise-level multi-currency tools allow our merchants to quickly scale into new markets without forcing them to work with just one payment provider.”
– Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer, BigCommerce.

Key multi-currency features:

  • No extra fees. Allowing customers to check out in the same currency as their bank account or credit card saves them from paying additional fees when shopping cross-border.
  • Accurate checkout rates. Currency exchange rates can be refreshed in one click, allowing merchants to give their customers an accurate final cost at checkout.
  • Freedom of choice. BigCommerce’s Multi-Currency functionality works seamlessly with leading global payment gateways, allowing merchants to choose the vendor that works best for their business needs in each region.
  • Complete control. As an added benefit, enterprise-level merchants can define currency-specific pricing by individual SKUs.

Find out more on BigCommerce and selling cross-border with them, here.

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