Metapack Delivery Tracker launched at TDC Global 2020

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Today at The Delivery Conference, Metapack launched the new Metapack Delivery Tracker. Fitting with their self declared job to help retailers reduce complexity in the world of deliveries, the Metapack Delivery Tracker gives retailers a portal to give consumers the answer to WISMO (Where Is My Order).

In a world where every carrier supplies different tracking events with different messaging, and where many retailers still simply supply a link to a carrier’s tracking portal, the Metapack Delivery Tracker gives medium to large retailers their only tracking portal – a single destination they can offer all customers tracking information agnostic to which carrier is used, whether it’s a delivery to home or pick up in store, or if it’s a delivery to a remote pick up point such as ParcelShop or locker.

A key benefit is standardisation – the Delivery Tracker pulls in tracking events from all carriers but presents them with consistent messages to the retailer and consumer.

The big benefits are savings in customer service teams answering WISMO calls and emails and the added benefit of driving traffic back to the retailers website rather than to a carrier site. The net benefit seen by early adopters is 20p-30p per order, which might sound insignificant but over the course of a year with thousands of orders it adds up.

“For many online retailers, customer communication ends at the order confirmation email and we believe that’s a missed opportunity. At Metapack, our goal is to create a seamless branded experience from checkout to tracking to delivery to returns. Delivery Tracker goes a long way to delivering on that promise.”
– Duncan Licence, VP of Global Product, Metapack

Initially today at launch, the Metapack Delivery Tracker is a branded portal for retailers but it’s expected an API version will be released within a few weeks. The API version will add the ability for retailers to increase functionality for instance linking to their CRM giving customer services the same information that’s available to their customers or to link to chatbots to automate call handling.

In Q2 it will be offered as a standalone product (no need to use any other Metapack services) and then then towards the end of the year WebHooks will be released giving the ability for the retailer to disseminate tracking events through any services then wish (e.g. messaging apps).

The Metapack Delivery Tracker has been built from day 1 to be internationalised, so multi countries with associated international carriers and multi lingual capabilities (17 languages for over 470 carriers worldwide) are already there.

If there’s one key benefit for retailers, other than the cost savings and streamlining WISMO queries, it’s that it gives the ability to have a branded tracking portal with all the heavy lifting on the integration side done for them. If that sounds good to you, visit the Metapack website for more info.

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