Replyco unveil new customer support tools

Quickly access customer, order and product details in Replyco with 30 custom properties to choose from

We’re well into the New Year and the aftermath from the Christmas rush is coming to a close. It’s the perfect time to take a breath and review some of the tools and processes you’re using to run your ecommerce business. Following the news that Jodi Gaines has become Replyco CGO, today Replyco has unveiled exciting new features to smooth your customer support processes and speed up the service you can offer your buyers.

Replyco, is a message management tool built specifically to help online sellers and their team manage customer enquiries by giving them instant access to the information they need and reducing reply times. It plugs directly into eBay and Amazon, plus supports sales channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and more. Key features include:

  • Multiple sales channel support with unlimited stores
  • SLA management
  • Automated responses
  • Rules and filters
  • Intuitive user interface for easier organisation
  • Reporting
  • Team management approach with unlimited users

Since the launch in October 2019, Replyco has been working on a number of updates and new features requested by a growing customer base, including a newly designed Order Details screen.

Start helping customers immediately with instant access to orders — no order numbers needed.

With just a name or email address, you can access order details, tracking numbers and customer information from any store. And with the newly designed Order Details screen sellers can now…

  • Quickly access customer, order and product details with 30 custom properties to choose from
  • Easily customise order detail view with a new drag-and-drop feature
  • Prepopulate relevant order information when responding to customers – No copy-and-paste

What sets Replyco apart from other solutions?

  • Find what you need, when you need it with an intuitive, easy to use design.
  • Replyco offers a 7 day free trial – no credit card required.
  • Concierge phone, email and chat support available for ALL levels.
  • Pricing based on ticket usage with unlimited users and sales channels. It’s by far the most economical help desk solution for online sellers, starting at just £25 per month.

To get started in a Free Trial, visit You’ll be granted immediate access to your new account where you can begin setup on your own or engage a service representative through their in-app chat or via email.

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Switched to these guys from ReplyManager last month. It's not been entirely seamless and there are features that we have lost (knowingly) during the transition. However, the small investment of my time perfecting the system now, while working with Alex at Replyco, will pay off in the long run. It's already operating smoothly and our customer service team are happy with the new platform. Right now, there aren't too many bells and whistles but it gets the job done smoothly at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. No regrets above moving over at all, at ths moment in time.

Greg Bassett • 3rd March 2020 •

Hi, Have been considering the change from Replymanager. Which features have been lost? Thanks

Al • 3rd March 2020 •

Hi Al, The ability to set a ticket to come back into "Needs Action" at a specified time down the line is one of the big ones for my team specifically, as this was always a great way to make sure we went back to customers when we promised to. You also can't really handle eBay cases from within the system - you just get the message notifying you when there's any action on the case. You then need to head into the resolution center. This is down to it being handled differently within the eBay API to standard messages. From my discussions with Alex at Replyco, it sounds like this is on the road map. Outside of that, pretty much everything is there and working. They also have the foundations of some great things that ReplyManager DON'T have. For example, you can see which listings are generating the most tickets - so you can identify them easily and apply long term solutions, rather than the never ending cycle of short term fixes on a customer by customer basis. These are the things that I have noticed and/or have been raised by my team. Your mileage may vary but for us, those small things are well worth living with when we consider the differences in price for our volume of tickets.

Greg Bassett • 3rd March 2020 •

We are just in the process of moving to Replyco and its superb. Many things are still to come but it does cover the basics and where it really excels is in customer support. I am not convinced that Alex is a real person as he is just always there to help. At some crazy hours too! This software is going places.

Craig • 3rd March 2020 •

search reply templates seems to be missing which is very handy on replymanager, set reminder to reopen ticket at certain time is missing, basically just copy replymanager with better support and charge a lower price and you will have many customers, still a long way to go at the moment not sure I would ever sign up with limited number of tickets...

Dan • 5th March 2020 •