Watch again: Automate to Accumulate – How to Scale your Business

Watch again: Automate to Accumulate – How to Scale your Business

If you missed this Wednesday’s webinar ‘Automate to Accumulate – How to Scale your Business’, it is now available to watch at your leisure. The webinar is designed for online retailers actively looking for additional product lines, marketplaces and regions to grow their business exponentially and reveals tips and strategies to reduces manual processes, effort and costs that will eat into your margins.

When it comes to considering how to scale your business, automating your processes is the key but where do you start and what do you need to consider? As the business owner you’ll need to oversee many aspects of your business, but when is it time to delegate and how do you maximise growth whilst at the same time trusting others to take as much care of your business as you do? In this webinar, Sandy Scott of Volo Commerce shared insights from talking with sellers who have grown their business multiple times over, year after year and reveals what lessons have been learnt from businesses who are growing fast.

In this ‘Automate to Accumulate – How to Scale your Business’ webinar you’ll discover:

  • The importance of understanding unit economics and what unit costs most sellers miss
  • How integrating data feeds can enable and sustain growth
  • Best practices for day-to-day operations – from listing to customer service to fulfilment
  • Using automation, integration, and customisation to build unique competitive advantage
  • How to choose a platform that can grow with you to avoid re-platforming in the near future

You can watch the webinar below, or on Tamebay TV on YouTube. You can also download the full slide presentation here.

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We will remember March 2020 as a period of unprecedented, rapid and seismic change, both in ecommerce and the wider world. That said, many of the recommendations in this webinar, especially around good reporting and analytics, still hold true, perhaps more so. Being aware of supply disruptions and managing pricing accordingly is smart business practice, but taking advantage of a global health crisis where lives are at stake is not. We are very appreciative and supportive of the actions taken by Amazon and eBay to curb the latter kind of activity during the current time of crisis.

Paul Dilger • 30th March 2020 •