Amazon Shipping Tracking added for eBay Sellers

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Amazon have done a favour for eBay sellers with the addition of a proper Amazon Shipping Tracking page.

The reason this matters for eBay sellers using Amazon Shipping is that eBay will only accept online tracking for seller protection. Previously Amazon Shipping Tracking consisted of a unique URL for each shipment and eBay wouldn’t accept this – eBay require a tracking page where you can enter your tracking number and on pressing enter the page will display the status of the parcel – either en route or delivered.

Now with a full Amazon Shipping Tracking page, eBay are accepting Amazon Shipping as a service which qualifies for seller protection. This is even more important in the current Coronavirus world as couriers aren’t collecting signatures. Whilst it’s rare that fraud occurs when consumers receive a parcel and then claim it hasn’t arrived, it is certainly occurring often enough (either through error when someone else in the household accepts the parcel or through fraud) to irk sellers.

If you use Amazon Shipping, you’ll find the Amazon Shipping Tracking page at If a tracking number is entered for an item sold on Amazon then it will direct you to the Amazon site. If an item is sold on any other venue and Amazon is simply acting as the delivery courier then it will display tracking information to enable you to determine if the shipment is en route, delivered, misdirected, or lost.

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  1. With Amazon Shipping can you upload or connect your platforms e.g Ebay, Amazon, Woocommerce to the Amazon Shipping Portal so that you can print labels from it and do they offer any compensation for lost parcels or packets.

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