Bare Amazon Pantry with empty shelves meets shoppers

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Amazon closed FBA for almost a month so that they could concentrate on essential goods, but haven’t been able to keep stocked of food, one of the true essentials. A bare Amazon Pantry still greets shoppers.

As a regular Amazon Pantry shopper, when the lock down started I was fairly relaxed thinking that with Amazon Prime I could keep both myself and my 84 year old mother stocked up with food so wasn’t expecting a bare Amazon Pantry. At the best of times, it’s not like a real supermarket as there’s no fresh food, but in times like this sacrificing and eating out of tins would assist those self-isolating.

Now, a month after Amazon shut the doors to incoming Amazon FBA shipments for non-essential goods, we take a look at Amazon Pantry to see just what you can buy from the bare Amazon Pantry shelves. There are still none of the most basic essentials such as toilet paper or hand sanitiser and hardly any food – there’s certainly not enough selection to make it worth considering placing an order.

We know that Amazon rely on Morrisons supermarket for much of their supplies and if Morrisons get wiped out with panic shoppers then bare Amazon pantry shelves are the inevitable result. However Morrisons are restocked but Amazon Pantry isn’t.

The numbers of products available in the Amazon Pantry categories below are accurate as of 9am Tuesday 14th of March.

Bare Amazon Pantry shelves


# Products in stock


Rice & Pasta 0
Bakery 1
Ready Meal 0
Biscuits & Crackers 4
Cereals & Breakfast Bars 2
Condiments & Sauces 1
Confectionery 9
Cooking Ingredients 2 (1 repeat)
Crisps & Snacks 2
Herbs, Spices & Seasonings 1
Tinned & Jarred Food 2 (1 repeated again)

Soft Drinks

Water 6
Fizzy Drinks 2
Coffee 8
Tea 2
Juices 0

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Spirits 31
Wine 0
Beer 2
Cider 0
Sparkling Wine 1

Baby & Child Care

Nappies 6
Nursing & Feeding 12
Soothers & Teethers 1

Health & Personal Care

Bath & Body 22
Hair Care 67
Skin Care 45
Makeup 211
Oral Care 18
Shaving 14


Household Cleaners 6
Kitchen Roll, Toilet Roll & Tissues 0
Air Fresheners 4
Dishwasher Tablets 0 (1 Dishwasher cleaner)
Office 6


Dogs 16
Cats 10
Fish & Aquatic 8


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