COVID-19 Help Page for Amazon Sellers

COVID-19 Help Page

Amazon have published a COVID-19 Help Page for Amazon Sellers across Europe, bring together all of the key information you need to know to manage your Amazon business.

The type of information that you’ll find on the page includes any restrictions on what Amazon determine to be ‘low-priorty’ products, which type of products are being prioritised in FBA warehouses, limits on the type of products (large and heavy requiring two people to pick pack and ship (in able to ensure social distancing in warehouses), and delays in processing removal orders.

You’ll also find steps Amazon have taken to assist you and your customers including waiving long term storage fees, extending returns policies, relaxations of service metrics and pausing of repayments on Amazon loans.

There are also reminders of other policies that are highly relevant at the moment, the most important currently being the Amazon Fair Pricing policy where Amazon remind sellers that price gouging will be dealt with severely.

Finally there are updates where there are severe disruption to Amazon’s operations, such as currently the temporary closure of all French warehouses due to a French court ruling.

The updates on the COVID-19 Help Page for Amazon sellers carries EU wide updates. From this page you can also navigate to country-specific guidance by switching to the relevant country site Seller Central page.

Amazon have told us that they would prefer you to visit the COVID-19 Help Page for Amazon Sellers rather than rely on external sources as they are constantly updating the information and it’s only on Amazon that you’ll find the very latest information. You’ll find the COVID-19 Help Page here, but you will need to be logged into Amazon with your merchant account in order to view the page.

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