eBay to Expand its Management of Payments to Australia and Canada


eBay have announced that Australia and Canada will be the fourth and fifth countries to offer eBay’s new payments experience, after the U.S., Germany and the U.K.

Later this year both Australia and Canada will see eBays new managed payments take effect in what eBay detail as a modernization of its marketplace to create a more streamlined experience for buyers and sellers. Judging by the rates currently being offered to UK sellers and the rates Australian and Canadian sellers are being charged by Paypal, the transition to eBay payments could turn into quite the win.

“By managing payments on our platform, we are enhancing the eBay experience by breaking down barriers and removing complexities for our customers,”

“We’re excited to roll out the new experience globally this year, with Australia and Canada joining our growing roster of countries.”
– Alyssa Cutright, VP of Global Payments

eBay plans to offer buyers in Australia and Canada a variety of payment options, including credit card and PayPal. Apple Pay will be available as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. Google Pay will also be available on the eBay site as well as on the eBay Android App. The company has recently enabled Afterpay as a payment option for buyers in Australia and Paybright as a payment option for buyers in Canada.

“Now more than ever, running a small business is tough and we are pleased to make it easier and lower costs for most sellers as we manage payments.”
– Tim MacKinnon, Managing Director of eBay Australia Tim MacKinnon

Some interesting snippets from the eBay Help pages

What do buyers experience with managed payments?

Managed payments gives your buyers a larger selection of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay and PayPal. We’ll also be offering Apple Pay as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. This will all be done through eBay without you needing separate accounts to accept these payment methods. They also have the option to save and store their card information for future use. Their experience will be similar to that of other online retailers. All payment options offered by eBay that are compatible with the buyer’s device or browser will automatically show up during checkout.

Can I use PayPal Working Capital (PPWC)?

We want to make sure that your transition to eBay managed payments is as smooth as possible. If you have existing business loans, including PayPal Working Capital loans, you can still enable managed payments with eBay. We advise you to reach out to PayPal to discuss your options. Many additional options for working capital loans and business financing solutions are available to manage your existing business debt in a way that is compatible with eBay managed payments.

When and how will I receive my payouts?

When eBay manages payments, payouts are sent directly to your bank account, eliminating the need to transfer funds from PayPal. We consistently initiate payouts to seller bank accounts within two business days of an order confirmation, regardless of the buyer’s payment method. You can schedule weekly or daily payouts to your bank account, as funds are available.

Will I need to update my listings after signing up for managed payments?

No. Once enabled existing listings will be automatically updated, to reflect the different ways buyers can pay. Any listings that violate our policies will be automatically ended.

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