eBay Local Pickup QR Code delivery confirmation coming soon

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eBay have announced a change is coming for sellers who allow buyers to collect items in person. An eBay Local Pickup QR code delivery confirmation is coming soon, and already rolling out first in the US.

The reason that this matters is for years sellers hated buyers paying via PayPal and then collecting an item. With no proof of delivery (or collection in the case of pickup), once a buyer had the item there was nothing to stop them doing a chargeback. The seller would lose every time as it is only with online tracking that seller protection kicks in.

eBay Engineer Maggie Donnels spoke on the eBay for Business podcast episode 88 this week, to explain how it will all work.

A new eBay local pickup QR Code be given to the buyer (along with a six digit code) which they will present to the seller when they come to collect the item. All the seller has to do is, through the eBay app, scan the eBay local pickup QR code which will generate a tracking number and mark the item as delivered.

NB This will currently only work if local pickup was offered on the listing but this may come in the future.

The system is triggered when the buyer selects local pickup when checking out on eBay. The buyer will receive the QR code in their app and through email should they wish to print it out. For those sellers who don’t have a QR code compatible bar code, the six digit collection code also given to the buyer can be used for collection confirmation.

The QR code stays valid so long as it hasn’t been scanned and will only be generated once the item has been paid for through eBay, so there is an incentive for the buyer to collect as quickly as possible.

eBay are expecting to roll this feature out next in the UK, Germany and Australia and then France, Italy, and Spain.

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  1. For glaringly obvious reasons, an increase in local pick-up activity is not really sensible at the moment, especially if sellers have to scan either the buyer’s phone or a print out, and even more especially if transactions include non-essential items that generate umpteen non-essential journeys.

    Everyone thinks their own interaction is essential, but this lax attitude, collectively, is why we’re still seeing hundreds of deaths every day, and with the potential for economic collapse if this crisis continues over several months. And the physical meeting of buyer and sellers will be part of that potential catastrophe.

    A good idea, and long overdue given that QR codes have been around for years, but I sincerely hope that this is not introduced in the midst of this current crisis.

  2. We would think this gross stupidity and libel to prosecution
    Given the current situation

  3. Good idea.

    Look forward to seeing it roll out in the UK eventually. I’ve never had anyone collect and then deny it, but I could imagine it happens if selling the sort of items that attract scambags.

  4. Initially this ‘feature’ sounded like a poor-choice to allocate critical resources to given the current environment. But as Chris pointed out, this is part of eBay’s dev cycle (and has likely been in process for quite some time).

    Importantly, after eBay sells the classifieds biz (forgive me for assuming it’s nearly a forgone conclusion), eBay then will be competing more directly for the same sellers and listings of their future-former classifieds subsidiaries — which *are* predominantly local pickup-oriented.

    This functional capability of completing the ‘delivery’ component of the transaction in a way that protects sellers will be critical for eBay to participate in this ‘new’ environment.

    It’ll also be interesting to see what types of marketing and promotions eBay runs in these markets in the future in attempt to recapture some of their former classifieds local-pickup customers.

  5. About time too.
    We sell loads of ‘collection only’ items and it’s a pain with them having to do cash, bank transfer etc while they’re stood in our forecoart.
    This is a clever move by eBay and something I’ve been asking them to do for AT LEAST the last 5 years.
    This will open up a new revenue stream for them for sure.
    To the Covid19 moaners, this will have been probably six months at least in the planning and is not something eBay thought of last week, so the release date was set to be about now months ago as is normal with all large released such as this.

  6. Looks like no one mention that – so I’ll have ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Is this a completely new system – or they’ve used what was already working and was in use for last few years in the UK – Click&Collect in ARGOS ?

    If completely new system – then someone wasted a lot of time and money – typical eBay …

    If the latter – why it took them so long and why they are announcing it as a breakthrough ?

    And who needs QR code if simple few letter/digit verification code is enough ?

  7. I dont understand why some sellers are criticising ebay for this. they have been looking into this for years. the fact that it is now ready is a good thing. ebay could not have foreseen social isolation and that wont be forever anyway. This is a useful roll out.

    it is typical of many cynical sellers on ebay to see yet another ebay initiative as a negative. This was a system years in the making / development and was REQUESTED by us sellers.

    Thanks ebay.

  8. the current crisis
    is nothing to be flippant about
    People are dying businesses and lives are being ruined
    Were not awesome were disgusted at the stupidity
    Were certain Ebays initiative was never intended for use in
    A pandemic world
    Those that think its an asset in todays world are fools

  9. @Alan, looks like it requires extra explanation ๐Ÿ™

    Buyer in both cases is the same.

    Sellers = ARGOS store.

    Now, when seller and buyer agrees on collection details – seller requests unique code to be generated and sent to the buyer – parcel arrived at ARGOS store and unique “collection code” is generated.

    Upon collection – buyer gives this unique code to the seller who enters this code as “collection code” – buyer arrives at ARGOS store and gives to the staff member code received from eBay.

    At which point it is hard to implement and needs to be done from scratch ?!?!

  10. @Alan, I’m also a software developer so I know it shouldn’t be a problem – as long as original piece of the puzzle – C&D – was designed properly. Unfortunately, looking at current – and previous – state of the site – it probably wasn’t.
    Please don’t try to convince me that something is hard to do – not with eBay’s budget.

  11. @Alan, just found your longer reply…

    Can you show me ONE idea that:
    a) was good / worth implementing,
    b) thoroughly thought,
    c) properly implemented / executed.

    Maybe I’m not as long on eBay as you are – but there is nothing that would meet all those criteria.

    And I’m not complaining / criticising eBay because I have nothing better to do or I like it.
    I still have hope that at some point someone will start listening to really hard working sellers and start making some real changes – without treating us like idiots.

    All of the things I’ve mentioned – and many more – are extremely easy to make, the only problem is that people running eBay are trying to run it like any other business – and also have no selling experience – (un)fortunately eBay is one of a kind and needs unique approach.

    It should be kind of privilege to use eBay – not that any idiot can do whatever he wants without consequences.

  12. @ Robin, I think thats kind of my point. even the “good” things that ebay implement are criticised. I could give you a long, long list but it would be futile – even the most innovational, robust ideas that ebay introduce are immediately “shot down” by cynical sellers with a “bee in their bonnet”.

    ebay wouldn’t have got where they are today if they were consistently messing up and getting things wrong. If something is introduced and it doesn’t work – ebay change it. They are constantly monitoring.

    even my most hated idea – the service metrics – I can see very clearly the reason behind them. Ebay don’t always get it right but they do TRY and get it right – from a morale and a financial perspective and they do this consistently. Its far more than you can say for any other platform.

    You challenged me in your post to list ANY ideas that ebay have introduced that were worth implementing or properly implemented. Can I point out if you are genuinely asking that question and you can see nothing positive yourself then you are destined to have a thoroughly miserable time selling on the platform.

  13. @Alan, if you think that play dead and roll over is a right way – it’s your choice.

    I’ll be complaining and criticising as long as I sell there, because they could do MUCH better.

    The “good” things they do are not criticised because people have nothing better to do – they are criticised because they could’ve been done better or shouldn’t be done in the first place.

  14. Anyone, where do i enter the 6 digit code? My buyer paid through PP and collected the item (social distancing was observed). Now Ebay has my money on hold and i need it! That’s why I sold the item cos I need the money! NOWHERE to scan the code or enter the 6 digit number. It’s all a bit of a joke to Ebay and they’ll still expect the extortionate 10%.


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