Support for Etsy sellers through #StandWithSmall campaign

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Etsy have today launched their new #StandWithSmall campaign asking consumers to support Etsy Sellers and their businesses. Etsy will be promoting the campaign across various marketing channels to show shoppers how supporting small businesses directly impacts someone’s life and livelihood.

“While brick-and-mortar stores remain closed, our shops are open for business with 65 million items available in the Etsy marketplace, many of which are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. From the work-from-home essentials, to games and DIY projects, every purchase on Etsy champions real people who are weathering the uncertainty of this moment just like all of us.”
– Josh Silverman, Chief Executive Officer, Etsy

The small businesses that form 44% of the US economy seem to be missing out on much needed support despite being incredibly vulnerable during these uncertain times. Etsy sellers provide consumers with unique comforts on a personal level which the bigger brands and retailers may often overlook. When we’re all locked away from society with little human contact, personal connections are vital. The first email sent out today as part of the #StandWithSmall marketing Campaign reads:

Right now the smallest businesses are taking a serious hit. But they’re not backing down. And we’re proud to stand beside them. Join us in boosting these engines of local economies. Support your favourite sellers, their one-of-a-kind items made with love, their friendly service, and their creative expression that can never be mass-produced. We can help them to keep making. And to keep fighting.
– Etsy

The Stand With Small campaign is currently running alongside the other ways Etsy are supporting it’s sellers through the Coronavirus including an investment of $5 million in Offsite Ads credits, extra time to pay your bills, a 24/7 support team and their recent communication with US and EU legislators to ensure micro-entrepreneurs are eligible for vital stimulus and aid packages.

4 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, despite his hyperbol Josh Silverman seems to be missing the point, or certainly would not want to say it; a scared, confused and insecure consumer will not buy anything but necessities. Not even Land’s End 40%-70% discounts are having much impact.
    The short term answer is certainly not to bombard them with advertising as they are running scared. Yes you may impress some with your claims of a $5 million advertising budget but what’s your r.o.i. going to be?
    Again Josh Silverman, why don’t you actually support your sellers by eliminating listing fees as a starting point.

  2. More than josh silverman
    Miss the point
    Keep calm and carry
    On as normal can be deadly

  3. I have never had any support from etsy as a small business… i moved to hand crafted club – mainly as they are u.k based… clearly new, but they seem to have their hear in the right place

  4. It is deceptive and not real. Etsy also rolled out its off-site ads platform and will be taking 15% from sales made through these ads. They won’t allow some shop to turn this feature off. So, they aren’t standing with small at all but going to gouge shops to make money during a time people are struggling and there is a pandemic.


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