New self service eBay Seller Help launched

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eBay have launched a new self service eBay Seller Help hub designed as a one-stop-shop for resolving selling issues.

eBay Customer Service, as are all businesses, are experiencing record numbers of contacts from sellers and whilst the help has always been (and still is) available through tools such as Seller Hub, My eBay and the Resolution Centre, if you can resolve issues or request assistance yourself it will spread the load and enable them to serve all sellers better. The new eBay Seller Help pages bring together the assistance you are most likely to need during the Coronavirus crisis.

The new new self service eBay Seller Help pages are accessible from both desktop and mobile, Seller Help is your place to resolve all your selling issues and is available to all sellers registered on eBay UK.

The type of issues that can be addressed by the new self service eBay Seller Help pages include:

  • Manage return, items not received, and refund requests.
  • Request defect and feedback removal.
  • See all of your recent policy notifications and get the help you’ll need to resolve them.
  • Report buyers who are abusing eBay’s policies.
  • Request a deferral of your eBay fees during COVID-19 through the eBay fee deferral programme by the 11th of April.

To access the new help page, go to

11 Responses

  1. Unfortunately this is a marketing thrust at getting new business in the door. All these policies already exist but before you had to go through an ebay rep. to tell you a scripted line. So business as usual then, according to ebay. Where are the sales? Without the sales ebay is a dead duck.

  2. Small business given ‘solace’ in that ebay will save them is quite frankly absurb.

  3. There are no sales but still a new business will have to learn the hard way, after signing up to pay fees deferred of course but still need to be paid. Over half in my category is from overseas. You know why when you look at it and that’s billing top, cheap rubbish. when quality is here and now but you will not show it. Sorry ebay you could have given us UK sellers a better chance as it is shoppers are going to [so should have a clue there] instead frightened them off as can’t find anything on the search except from abroad. No Footfall for the UK as making it as difficult as possible for a UK based buyer to buy from a UK based seller.

  4. eBay seller help…… any cases most probably decided by a computer,,,,,,, always in favour of the buyer. Nothing new, no help and nothing to see here,,,,, move on

  5. It’s complete rubbish. The mobile site on my phone a disaster. Desktop is worse. Where is this stuff I want to buy apart from tat rubbish? I can’t find anything. You just leave and go elsewhere.

  6. I have a good go over the last few days and sales non-existent can’t even find my listing in a best match jumped through hoops and just giving up. Sorry just feel really down today it seems the world is against me but try to put it to one side and focus on some other bits. Thanks

  7. Top tips for ebay….
    1, Under location exclusions etc, when buying could we add China? As chinese sellers now account for 2/3s of the items i see it seems a shame to exclude the rest of the world just so i don’t have to scroll through 12 pages of key word spamming items …. yes add a random letter combination at the end to get round ebay rules!
    2, Remember when you could actually hide your listings when away etc? It was great from a buyers point of view because they wouldn’t have to click on 20 items only to find a headline telling them the seller is away. You could just view items available to buy now! Not now though… ebay seem to think that the appearance of lots of listings is what buyer want to see, rather than a quick and easy purchase. This happened to me yesterday… got so fed up i bought on amazon.
    3, Please add a notice to inform buyers of royal mail delays. The forums are full of them, the rm website details them, posties are telling us about them, my buyers are clogging up my inbox asking about them….. Ebay is in good tradition in full denial though. They must think it looks like a negative thing, but how about masses of buyers all wondering why their items haven’t arrived?
    I was told to increase my dispatch time… which i did and subsequently lost placements in search and lost discounts. So i upped prices to cover… Ahh, nice move ebay, less discounts and higher prices means more fees for ebay with the seller getting the blame!

  8. Times like this just emphasise how unrealistic eBay metrics are even during normal trading conditions never mind the current situation that sellers find themselves in.
    Everything always the sellers fault. Period.

  9. To get in touch with eBay quickly (for any reason) I do this:

    1. Click Help/Contact

    2. Search bar enter “CLOSE MY ACCOUNT”

    3. Click the relevant link

    4. Scroll to end of page… option to call or text chat. Wait time usually about 2 minutes (even now). Always works


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