Shpock contact free exchange of second-hand goods launched

Shpock contact free exchange for second-hand goods launched

Shpock has launched a new partnership with Parcel2Go to offer door-to-door deliveries and enable Shpock contact free exchange pf second-hand goods. This means anyone can sell the electronics and clothes they no longer need on Shpock, and get it to any buyer in the UK without ever leaving their home, vital during the Coronavirus lock down.

With many sitting at home and bored (and perhaps short of cash), getting your sold items delivered to the buyer with the Shpock contact free option is simple. All you have to do is book your pick-up and leave the item outside your door for collection at the time specified by the courier; once you’re safely back inside, the courier will pick up the item. Shpock is partnering with Parcel2Go and deliveries will be fulfilled by Parcelforce and Hermes.

Selling an item on Shpock is still free. Shpock is supporting the social-distancing cause by helping cover the additional charges for contact-free door-to-door delivery. Thanks to this measure, Shpock users will still safely enjoy buying and selling the most popular items such as clothing, games, and electronics.

“The newly launched contact-free door-to-door delivery helps our community stay safe at home, while continuing to give second-hand items a new lease on life. To help make this possible, Shpock is covering most of the extra costs of this delivery service during these extraordinary times.”
– Esteve Jané, CEO of Shpock

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