Swiship Amazon MCF Parcel Tracking site


Amazon MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfilment) users can now use Swiship for parcel tracking as can their customers.

Amazon MCF is when you store products in FBA and use Amazon’s fulfilment services to fulfil orders on third party sites such as your own website or competing marketplaces. The products will arrive in Amazon packaging but you normally benefit from faster delivery as Amazon Logistics despatch and deliver seven days a week – most merchants don’t have access to seven day a week courier pick up services even if they courier delivers on weekends.

Sellers and customers can visit Swiship 5 any time to enter the tracking number provided when the order is shipped and get the latest updates. The site provides tracking information for all Amazon MCF orders, regardless of whether the carrier is Amazon Logistics or a third party carrier used by Amazon.

Shipment notification emails sent to your customers will link to the Swiship tracking site. If you want your customers to get these notifications, provide their email address during fulfilment-order creation. All customer information like name, email, postal address, etc., will be used only for this purpose.

For convenience for sellers, after the order has shipped, the tracking number in the Shipped section of the Order Details page will link to the tracking site.

The one disappointment with Swiship is that tracking numbers generated by sellers using Amazon Shipping don’t work. Sellers using Amazon Shipping have been waiting for a proper tracking site where consumers can enter their tracking numbers to check on delivery status but all that is provided at the moment is a link that’s individual for each shipment.

If you use Amazon MCF, make sure that you add the customer’s email address alongside the shipping information as if they receive the tracking number to use with Swiship it should reduce the “Where is my order” customer service queries.

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I have been told I'm getting my product on May 2 and now it says my package has been in Surrey BC saying 'out for delivery'

Melina Luggi • 4th May 2020 •