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Following the success of the recent eBay Listing Week promotion for business sellers, eBay are running it again. Established business sellers invited to participate will get 100 free listings & £1 Final value fees.

To take part in the eBay Listing Week you must first activate your exclusive invitation-only offer – if you have been invited to the promotion then you can activate the offer here. Then, list up to 100 free listings before the 25th of May, and you’ll pay a maximum of £1 in final value fees on those items sold within 30 days of listing.

The aim is to attract new inventory to eBay which converts and generates sales. This May eBay Listing Week promotion is by invitation only and certain category restrictions, as well as promotion Terms & Conditions, will apply.

For a long time, we’ve heard complaints from business sellers that all of the listing promotions were aimed at private sellers, so this is your opportunity to grab some free listings and limit final value fees to £1. With fees in many categories around 10%, make use of this promotion for listing stock with a high final value for maximum savings – there’s no point listing stock under the promotion if the final value fee would normally be about £1 or less anyway.

Last eBay Listing Week promotion I was charged full fees, not £1?

We’ve heard a few people who took part last time say that the full final value fees were charged. Please note that if an item qualifies for the Promotion, when the item sells, the full FVF will be charged during the Promotion Period. The discount will be credited to your account within 30 days of transaction date.

Free insertion fees discount will be automatically credited to your account once listing is created. You can read the full terms and conditions here.

23 Responses

  1. “Great” if one gets the invitation.

    We got 3 day restricted account (no sales) over the weekend for misuse of brand name from a VERO member. The restriction was a mistake but, hey, “contact the brand owner to resolve the issue” said eBay. The brand owner does not give a monkey to reply to our enquiry.

  2. What I do not get is WHY they have to charge you full fee and then credit you back later…surely it would have just been easier to do what they have done with the private seller one they have been offering for years, always over complicating things.
    Anyway deals for businesses are long overdue, and it may encourage people to be more upfront.

    There are products I am now selling on eBay (more expensive does not always mean more margin) that I would not even look at it for in the past.

  3. @ those above. why are you complaining about an excellent promotion. All I hear on tamely is complaints about how ebay are not helping their sellers and that they should reduce fees and then when they do launch promotions ………… folk complain about the promotion.

    I really do feel sorry for ebay. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  4. @ Awesome Jim, you speak two languages! Bad English and the above. Absolutely awesome!

  5. @Alan

    I’m glad you have read my comment in full, and you also seem to worry about my business’ actions 😉

    I have written that “sometimes” we’re adding 1000 listings a day (yes, thousand). But we’re NOT doing it every day! So your further conclusion of us having wrong shop subscription is rather pointless.

    This new offer applies to 100 brand new listings that will sold within first 30 days, and I don’t care if eBay waived FVF on those 100 listings. This promotion is simply basic promotion. There should be something better IMO. By offering said promotion to *selected* sellers then eBay can say it’s all glitter and gold.

    I don’t criticise eBay often. In fact there’s so much negative things commented by others on TB that I started to limit reading the comments section more and more often.

  6. @ Chris Dawson – Can you please take care of the children- I think they may need a little nap as they seem to be getting all shouty at each other!

  7. @ Chris. I really wish you would. I made a post a few days ago in reply to Jim which was perhaps understandably blocked by Tamebay. Perhaps I went a little far with my wording.

    I know you have been diplomatic and not stated any names. However, Jim is spoiling many good posts and good discussions on here with his childish attitude. If someone is complaining about ebay its fine he will complain and moan along with them. Any helpful or educational posts however he attacks. This will drive good people away from Tamebay.

    I hope you will publish my post this time as it is my genuine opinion. Perhaps if he realises he is annoying regulars and not just the people he is attaching he will be more PC.

  8. I am at a loss why anyone if invited would complain about such an excellent offer.

    We were invited to the last one in April and this one, we sold quite a few lots that were listed within the period , one being an item for £2000, yes we were charged the normal fees but will be credited this back at some point soon leaving ebay only the £1.

    I am struggling why anyone would complain, ebay do not have to offer such a deal, it would appear the old saying that you can not please all of the people all of the time rings true.

    I say ebay, “Thank You” , the only thing I would say is when such a deal is offered it would be good to have some sort of area within the selling hub to keep track of what sells that was listed during the promotion and sold within the 30 days, as it stands unless I am missing something there is nothing there to track what sold and qualifies, you then have to rely on memory or start jotting things down ,

  9. @Rob , I agree with you, I suppose it can only be put down to ‘Human Greed’.

  10. The offer is probably useful to most sellers. But it is clearly more valuable to some than others.

    Someone who sells items worth £250 with free delivery, and sells 100 a month, will see a welcome reduction in FVFs.

    Someone who sells 99p items, with separate P&P, (eg beads, haberdashery, nuts & bolts, postcards), will clearly find the offer less attractive. It will not be worth their effort creating 100 new listings, especially if they only expect to sell 1 in 20 listings in the course of a month.


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