eBay PPE Portal rolls out nationwide as 100 PPE suppliers signed

eBay NHS Portal to supply PPE across the UK with DHSC eBay PPE Portal eBay NHS PPE Portal

From this week, GPs and small care homes can register on the eBay PPE Portal, a new online portal developed in collaboration with eBay to help primary and social care providers to order critical PPE, as it is scaled up nationally.

This national roll out follows news a couple of weeks back when eBay announced it had been working with teams in the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS Supply Chain, and the Army/Ministry of Defence to build an online PPE Portal to help selected primary and social care providers to order PPE equipment.

And the eBay PPE Portal is going to be needed – the roll out nationwide comes as the government reveals it has has signed deals with more than 100 new suppliers from around the world as well as ramping up domestic production to help meet demand for PPE.

“Last month, I set a national challenge to ensure we continue to supply enough PPE to those on the frontline of this battle.

We have now signed deals with over 100 suppliers across the world to secure more PPE, and at the same we have ramped up domestic production. We have now ordered 2 billion pieces of PPE from homegrown firms which is also great news for jobs and the economy, and over 3 billion pieces from abroad.”
– Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary

To build the eBay PPE Portal, eBay mobilised engineers from around the globe. It was up and running swiftly, and has been tested by DHSC and other partners – including Clipper and Royal Mail – to ensure efficiency and accuracy of delivery. The PPE Portal is now being scaled up nationally. This is being managed centrally by DHSC.

GPs and small residential and domiciliary social care services will be invited to register on the eBay PPE Portal over the next few weeks. eBay’s role in the portal is focused on ensuring the continued smooth running of the portal and eBay engineers remain on hand to support as needed. The technology of the portal has worked effectively and smoothly for the duration of the pilot, and eBay has provided this service free of charge.

“We’re pleased to see the PPE portal that eBay engineers built at speed last month has moved out of its pilot phase and is now being rolled out nationally. This partnership is just one example of industries coming together to bring their relevant expertise to the table to tackle some of the major challenges our nation faces in the wake of COVID-19, and it has been incredibly humbling to work alongside our partners and with the army to get to this point.”
– Rob Hattrell, VP, eBay UK

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Any Idea who the link to sign up will come from ?

Mandy • 29th May 2020 •