Very little progress made in UK-EU trade talks

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According to the BBC the Government has made very little progress during the latest UK-EU trade talks despite the urgency for some kind of movement to be made before the summit next month. The issues that are causing the conflict seem to be surrounding the EU wanting continued access to UK fishing waters but this being seen as an unethical and incompatible should the UK wish to maintain it’s status as an independent coastal state.

“It is hard to understand why the EU insists on an ideological approach which makes it more difficult to reach a mutually beneficial agreement,”
– David Frost, The UK’s negotiator

Despite the pressures faced by COVID-19 and the struggles to reach agreements due to what the EU are calling unrealistic demands, the UK Government claims they will not be extending the process beyond the 31st of December deadline meaning a default to WTO terms outcome is still very possible.

The little progress made might feel to some as a trivial matter that has nothing to do with them or their businesses however, until everything can be agreed on by the UK and EU nothing is agreed. This can impact merchants in many ways from cross border taxes and tariffs when you import goods or sell from or into the EU to how basic courier and postal services operate. Uncertainty is still looming over the UK but optimism seems to remains in place.

“The UK will continue to work hard to find an agreement, for as long as there is a constructive process in being, and continues to believe that this is possible.”
– David Frost, The UK’s negotiator

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  1. Notwithstanding that this is not the time to leave a large trading block, we should stay in transition ie as it is now for another year at least, while this Corona virus needs all countries working together……and as free as flowing trade as possible.

    But I believe it has been the Government’s intention, especially the far right element within it, to crash out of the EU with no deal sadly.

    And while folks are looking away the UK negotiator mewls on about working hard, I will happily wager that he is the biggest road block to any progress having be given his orders by the Tory ERG. No wonder Rees-Mogg, Bone, Brigden et all are so quiet, they are getting what they want – the clock ticking down and no one looking.

    I find it amusing that Frost cites “EU Ideology” as an issue. It was Tory Ideology that stopped the UK from participating in EU PPE procurement contracts…the “lost” emails. And Tory Idelology that saw 50,000 covid tests being sent to the US for analysis instead of to Europe!! So ideology, hmm I think it affects the Tory’s more, they cannot be seen to use or condone any EU practice for fear it looks bad on their claims and reasoning for leaving the EU.

    Yes, I wish to remain in the EU, but I have accepted the vote, but now we have Covid to deal with, this really is not the time when there is a way to not rock the boat for a while longer. Financially the UK may well be on its knees thanks to the Tory magic money tree and free and easy trade will help us all.

    People cite the EU as a corrupt club, any organisation with money in has a level of corruption, Premier League Football, Horse Racing, and yes, the UK Government too, so using EU corruption as a reason to leave is akin to standing in a greenhouse and throwing stones. Boris’s most recent Caribbean holiday was never explained, a gift, a loaner, a backhander…..he never paid for it and those who he said gave it to him, denied it. That is corruption too!

    Anyways, nothing will change, Boris is busy throwing people under the covid bus……while we wait for wave 2.


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