New Replyco time saving messaging for marketplaces features

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As you’ll probably remember, we’ve talked about the Replyco time saving messaging solution several times before. Back in November, 2019, we interviewed CEO Artem Verovenko approximately one month after the company’s launch. Later, we covered the addition Jodi Gaines as CGO, as well as a host of new features including the overhauled “Order Details” screen.

Today, we’re back with Replyco with more exciting news. Since we last spoke with them, they have revolutionised their ecommerce message consolidation platform with a feature-rich updates package: the Replyco Sprint 7.

New Replyco time saving messaging for marketplaces features

eBay Returns / Refunds & Shipping Labels (BETA)

Replyco time saving messaging for marketplaces features - eBay returns refunds
Anyone who sells on eBay knows what a drawn out process it can be to issue a return or refund inside the eBay system. That’s why Replyco is thrilled to launch eBay Cases. Currently in beta test mode, this feature allows sellers to process eBay returns, refunds and item replacements directly from Replyco and with fewer clicks.

Shipping labels are also included in eBay Cases. Users can now save, upload and reuse shipping labels for eBay returns with ease.

New & Improved Linnworks Functionality

Plenty of ecommerce sellers utilise Linnworks to manage inventory, handle shipping, post orders and more. Replyco already places a high priority on offering a seamless integration with Linnworks, but now they have added several new functions that take Linnworks functionality to the next level. They include:

  • Linnworks Automated Notes Sync
  • Linnworks Channel SKU Attribute in Order Details Screen
  • Ability to Utilise Linnworks Order ID as Tag
  • Upgraded Linnworks Order and Search Integration for eBay

Clickable Order & Tracking Numbers

In order to save sellers even more time, Replyco has made both order and tracking numbers clickable.
New Replyco time saving messaging for marketplaces features clickable tracking screen
You no longer need to figure out which courier an order shipped through, copy the tracking number and paste it into the courier’s website. Now, by simply clicking the tracking number, you will be taken directly to the courier’s site, where you can view shipping and delivery details.

Clickable order numbers enable users to see the full details of any customer order with just one click. Not only does this save time, it also results in better customer service.


Snooze can be used in a few different ways. Essentially, it allows you to temporarily delay a response and remove it from your inbox until you’re ready to get back to it.

However, it can also be a great tool to set message reminders. For example, if you want to follow up on the status of a query, you can set it to snooze for three days. At the end of the third day, the email will appear in your inbox as “needing a response” and you’ll know you need to address it.

Improved Bulk Functionality

There are times when ecommerce sellers need to process messages or tasks in bulk. Although Replyco has long since had the ability to perform bulk functions such as label assignments, resolve status, etc, users can now assign or unassign entire message categories or groups to specific users. For instance, when someone is out sick and needs another teammate to handle their messages, in just a few clicks, they can assign or unassign tickets in bulk rather than having to allocate each one individually.

Customer Database

Users can now view customer data from a dedicated tab, making it easier to search and locate past interactions, messages and orders.

This is just another way Replyco helps sellers provide the best customer service possible.

Much More

In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, Replyco has added plenty more new tools and tweaks. Just a few of the additional improvements include:

  • Amazon No Response Needed button
  • More control over eBay ticket merge
  • One-click resolve button
  • A new “Orders” tab — similar to the Customers Tab — organises orders with associated tickets in one place
  • Improved user performance reports
  • The ability to add attachments in email templates
  • Many more perks…

A Roadmap for the Future

Being a customer service company first and a software company second, the Replyco team is constantly working to improve what the platform offers based on user input. In fact, Replyco encourages users to request new features, provide feedback, vote on their favorites, and see what’s on-tap for the future via the Replyco Roadmap.

Try Replyco time saving messaging for free

Replyco helps multi-channel ecommerce sellers centralise email messaging into one inbox. With core features like automation, email templates, unlimited users, unlimited integrations, free onboarding and now, eBay Returns, it is quickly becoming an essential tool for users, all at an affordable monthly rate.

To start your free 7-Day trial or learn more, visit

4 Responses

  1. Thinking of moving over from Reply Manager to Replyco based on this article.

    Has anyone had experience of both?

    We’ve been using Reply Manager since before it was taken over by Sellco. (I think i liked it better back then)

    The switch will add a considerable chubk to our bottom line, just don’t want to waste my time if the features are lacking!

  2. Thanks so much Josh, for the ReplyManager kudos and your interest in Replyco. I know you’re looking for direct feedback from other users, but wanted to encourage you to give Replyco a try or even have a quick demo of the product. I think you’ll be impressed, not only with the product UI and features, but also with the high level of support you’ll receive. Please let me know if you have questions.

  3. Hi I’m a user and started from April I think.

    The support is fantastic and personable.

    If you can’t find a feature you can bet it will be there sooner rather than later.

    I’ve seen a lot of development changes and several based on my own requests to add it. This includes tagging templates with certain information I need in a template when replying to a customer. Another one is adding return labels to the platform so you don’t have to keep attaching it for customer returns.

    A suggestion from someone else has resulted in a snooze feature so that you can be reminded about a message at any given time and date in the future.

    Lots of good things and this is my first experience or such software, made easier by the on hands support.

    A lot of setup they helped me with even though I could have worked it out myself.

    They wanted to save me time and it really has.

    What also helps is their close association with linnworks too making it easier to have features that work with that well.

    I’m waiting in their latest function to have invoices printed from linnworks so I can attach it to a reply effortlessly.

    I am not associated in any way with the company except being a client.

  4. Thank you so much Don! So very glad you’re happy with the software and all the new features. Feedback from customers like you is how we know best what sellers need to make their business grow!


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Replyco acquired by Billbee to expand platform ecosystem


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