Scaling up your online business: How to build, grow and industrialise ecommerce

Scaling up your online business: How to build, grow and industrialise ecommerce

Many hundreds of thousands of independent business men and women now run an online business and, especially against a back drop of Coronavirus with Brexit bubbling away in the background, more than ever it’s key to strategise for growth. It may appear easy to start and grow an online business… and it is to a certain scale, but then comes the challenge of how to build, grow and industrialise ecommerce in order to scale up and build a robust enterprise that generates significant revenue and profits.

In this new White Paper written exclusively for Tamebay in partnership with Volo Commerce, we examine how to industrialise ecommerce on a grand scale and, especially if you started and initially grew your business on marketplace, how to take ownership of your business and migrate to the majority of your income coming from your own websites.

As with everything from the production line for the Model T Ford, the only way to truly industrialise ecommerce is as with most other industries to put in place order, standard operating procedures and where possible automation. It’s simply not possible to do everything manually at scale and even more so as you take on more employees by automating your business the on the job learning is reduced and productivity increased.

“So, the answer to successfully scaling your ecommerce business lies in automating as many of your processes as you can while maintaining the attention to quality and detail that got you the success so far. You need to put your people and partners where their expertise adds value, not automate the cultivated chaos that got you to here. Focus too on retaining your new customers for sustained growth.”
– Tony Kyberd, COO, Volo Commerce

This white paper will walk you through the steps from starting your business to the end goal to industrialise ecommerce and free yourself from the day to day working a business to being able to manage a business and grow a brand. The white paper includes:

  • Setting up an ecommerce business: Developing your own brand
  • The results of our survey: What real business think
  • Setting up for growth: Expanding into new geographies
  • Case studies: Lessons from real sellers in the real world and how they industrialise ecommerce
  • Tools, techniques, key learnings and actions

The white paper is totally free and you can download it here. If you are serious about growing a business download your copy today.

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