Yumbles DPD account made available for makers

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There’s a new Yumbles DPD account which has been made available for makers on the UK’s biggest specialist food market. Makers can book a DPD collection and delivery for their sales billed through Yumbles at preferential rates.

We’ve long thought that marketplaces should be making interventions in the delivery of the millions of products sold each year on their marketplaces. The theory is, that if a marketplace partners with a carrier then the volumes they can drive to that carrier are huge and in return should garner a decent rate from the courier.

The flipside is that couriers are generally keen on collections of multiple parcels and the reality is that if 1000 sellers each have one parcel to send a couple of times a week then that costs significantly more to service than a a single seller shipping 400 parcels a day. The net result may still be 2000 parcels a week but five collections from one location is way more cost effective than 2000 collections from 1000 locations. This has been the main barrier to marketplace carrier deals at scale with significant discounts.

Yumbles don’t appear to have let difficulties get in the way and so the Yumbles DPD account offers collection from the seller and delivery to the consumer with prices starting from around £5 – not the best rate you could negotiate if you are shipping in volume, but significantly better than many small sellers can access on an ad hoc basis.

If you sell on Yumbles, ask them for more details on the Yumbles DPD account. If you are purchasing carrier labels from other sources or one at a time from courier websites then a next day service through Yumbles DPD account could represent significant savings for you.

Yumbles DPD Shipment Terms

  • The Shipment Fee is payable by the Seller as notified to the Seller by Yumbles when they request the creation of a Yumbles DPD Local account.
  • The Shipment Fee is charged to the Seller’s Yumbles account balance at the end of each calendar month.
  • The Shipment Fee amount is levied per shipment, for every shipment that has been completed in the Yumbles DPD Local account of the Seller for that calendar month.


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