The fast changing landscape of ecommerce 2020 Webinar

Start Date:
Wednesday 29th July 2020 - 10:00 am
End Date:
Wednesday 29th July 2020 - 11:00 am

‘The fast changing landscape of ecommerce 2020; what it’s taught us & why it makes sense to consider expanding cross-border now’ is the title of a webinar being held by the DIT on the 29th of July at 10am. It will look back at the past few months and how ecommerce has had to change and adapt and look forward to how you can grow your business and why there’s never been a better time to expand your cross border sales.

Two guest speakers will join the DIT, Callum Campbell, CEO at Linnworks and Ian Moore, MD at TymeOnline. They will share examples of how businesses have adapted and practical tips to take forwards. They’ll also take a dive into marketplaces specifically and other key factors to consider, plus potholes to avoid on the road ahead.

Linnworks & TymeOnline will give insight into the trends in ecommerce 2020 from the last 4 months, B2B to D2C transition, how online retailers have adapted and managed to stay ahead by switching fulfilment methods, diversifying their sales channels and being smart with their inventory.

Ian and Callum will also be discussing the importance of multichannel and how it can help you expand abroad, what factors should be considered when choosing a marketplace plus additional factors such as payment providers, shippers and other third party considerations.

You can sign up for the fast changing landscape of ecommerce 2020 Webinar here.

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